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Book Review: ‘Live True’ by Ora Nadrich

In these troubled times, many of us find ourselves asking what we can we do, as individuals, to help heal the suffering and distrust around us. Ora Nadrich, founder of the Institute for Transformational Thinking, has provided a pathway to healing and reaching our highest potential in her new book, Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity.

Nadrich guides us in discovering who we are at our core essence of integrity and authenticity, and how, through our own awareness, we can ignite awareness in others. Her method centers around Mindfulness, or the state when we’re present in the moment with total awareness. Through this elevated awareness, we open ourselves to what resides in our hearts, instead of discounting it. We’re able to examine our true nature more objectively and grow from it, rather than continue the suffering through ignorance.

Nadrich approaches her topic from a non-denominational viewpoint. She draws from world religions, famous philosophers, literary classics and more, and interweaves quotes from Confucius, Mother Theresa, Carl Jung and many others. Through simple truths and relatable guidance, she leads readers on a quest for authenticity and meaning.

Live True is divided into four parts: Time, Understanding, Living and Realization. The author leads the reader on an exploration that begins by directing our awareness to the present moment, then in recognizing our connections to the world’s state of oneness, followed by discovering our authentic selves, and finally in creating a better reality for ourselves and others. Along the way, readers are invited to explore the essence of each chapter’s meaning through 30 tailored meditations.

Learning to focus on present moment awareness helps us realize that, when we’re unaware of ourselves in a moment, it’s easy to respond or react unconsciously. It can lead us to say and do things impulsively instead of thoughtfully, and can add to the hurt in the world instead of promote the healing.

Live True makes that point that so many of us are on autopilot and miss so much of what’s taking place around us. It encourages us to balance our time spent doing work, attending to chores or running errands with intervals in which we stop the busy-ness and practice Mindfulness.

Taking the time to simply look around us, we see so much more than when we’re busy thinking about what we have to do next. The author calls this “life gazing.” It helps us to become more awake and aware, and connects us to our true natures.

Nadrich identifies and expands on the importance of reckoning with our own demons that make living authentically and mindfully challenging, and even daunting. She offers simple, gentle guidance to help let go of hurtful or untruthful perceptions and awaken to an inner peace.

The “Memory In Present Time Meditation” walks readers through how to distance and desensitize themselves from unpleasant memories. It investigates how to process difficult moments from the past in new ways that allow us to experience them in a new light.

Live True describes the importance behind each of us asking the fundamental question, “Who am I?” That one question can bring us closer to finding our true nature. Aspiring to be a more evolved and compassionate person will bring us in touch with our benevolent natures.

Nadrich emphasizes that, in this time in history, each of us needs to become aware how, “What you do with your today, and what I do with my today, will affect all of the todays of everyone on the planet.

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