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The life of a double agent may seem full of danger and excitement but can it also be dull and boring at times.

Book Review: ‘Life of a Double Agent’ by Kenneth J. Kerr

17722138Have you ever wondered about the intricate and unsettled life of those who choose to be double agents for their governments? Kenneth J. Kerr brings us a tale of intrigue in the life of a young man who makes this choice early in his career.

In The Life of a Double Agent we follow the life of Jim Hunt as he is first recruited in college to help monitor activities on campus for the CIA. After graduation he joins the army and is recruited by the Chinese, all with the backing of the CIA. After serving for his country Jim settles down working for Dow Chemical Company and later Renewable Power Company, all the while continuing his double life even as he moves forward.

Years of intrigue and travel follow him and even as he retires he finds he needs to be of service. He chooses to work for the Peace Corps after his retirement from both his job and the CIA. Yet he soon finds that retirement is not always that easy.

Kerr has given us a unique and interesting perspective of life as an agent. Following the entire career of Jim Hunt from his first introduction to the agency to the end of his career working for the government, you travel the corridors of countries and areas through the eyes of the author.

Kerr’s extensive travel gives him a unique view of the countries he describes, and you find yourself pulled into the sights and wonders of it all. The interesting part of this work is the highs and lows of the profession, and how he was able to give you both sides of the character, his home, family, and work side, as well as that of his other identity.

If you are interested in travel and intrigue, you will enjoy this work. The transition of Jim’s life as he continues to keep his integrity while working with the CIA, keeps you guessing. With the normalcy of how the interactions go you find yourself looking at the faces of those around you. Could they too be leading a double life?

This would be a great book for a reading group. The discussion of integrity and intrigue seem at odds and yet somehow it works.

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