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In "Last Stop: Paris" by John Pearce we follow the trail of an international killer who has nefarious plans to boost the price of gold by whatever means necessary.

Book Review: ‘Last Stop: Paris’, A Novel of Romance and Suspense by John Pearce

27803379The lure of gold captures everyone’s imagination. It crosses the barriers of both culture and race. In Last Stop: Paris by John Pearce we follow the trail of an international killer who has nefarious plans to boost the price of gold by whatever means necessary. Set between the U.S city of Sarasota, Florida and the wonderful French city of Paris, you find yourself both entranced and horrified as you follow the chase.

Eddie Grant finds himself along with his girlfriend Aurelie, at a cocktail party in Paris, full of men and women in business suits. There are many things they would rather be doing. Their host Henri has offered up his home for a meeting of gold bugs, those who feel that gold is the future. Eddies spots a longtime friend, Jeremy and they discuss the group as the meeting begins.

It appears a fund manager, Claude Khan who knows gold like few others is once again not available to meet the group. Edward is disappointed; he and Aurelie are known for finding millions of dollars in Reichs-bank gold bars hidden in a building not far from Gare Saint-Lazare and were looking forward to meeting Khan. A priceless Raphael painting that was rumored to have also been with the gold was not found, although many rumors abound.

The meeting continues with speculation and the recounting of historical events which support the gold bugs’ theories that gold is the only standard.

The meeting takes a turn for the creepy, and soon Eddie, Aurelie and Jeremy retire to dinner with a friend who has information for them from an unlikely source. As they ponder the information and what it might mean for them, they walk back to their room. It is here that they begin to suspect there is more at risk then just rumors of trouble.

A car speeds up in an attempt to hit them, but is cut off by a taxi driver who had noted it idling for some time. Saved from certain death, Aurelie is fine but Eddie receives some non-threatening injuries. Something is going on and somehow they have found themselves as targets. The information seems to lead towards the elusive Khan. The more they dig for answers, the more sinister and elusive they become.

Pearce sets the stage for terror and takes us into the beauty of Paris. His scenarios are well written and his pace keeps you on the edge of your seat. His characters are very real, and there is almost a James Bond feel to the work, but only a tinge. The women are as involved as the men when it comes to getting the answers, and he keeps it in the tradition of Paris with the romance that is weaved throughout the danger.

If you enjoy suspense, romance and terroristic action you will find this is just the work you are seeking. A worthy book for your library, you will find yourself reading late into the night.

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