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The third book in Shiu's Moa series offers a good dose of mystery with spirituality and the paranormal thrown in for good measure.

Book Review: ‘Iron Shinto’ by Tricia Stewart Shiu

18714693When life changes and you find things are out of control, how do you rewind and settle the dust? Or can you? Once you have begun a new journey in both your mind and your soul, the difficulty lies in the fact that once you believe and have seen the proof of your beliefs, everything transforms. ‘You can’t un-ring the bell.’

In Iron Shinto by Tricia Stewart Shiu, you will follow the lives of Hillary House, her sister Molly and niece Heidi as the journey of discovery moves them into the inferno of the war over control of the portal of the guardians.

In Shin’s  Moa, Hillary and her family were instrumental in saving the Hawaiian Islands as well as Moa the guardian of the gate. This moved them forward to the story of the God Ku, and his missing essence.

In The Statue of Ku by Tricia Stewart Shiu, we followed the young women into Egypt where we learned of the God Ku and how he came to be, as well as the history of Hillary and her family — and how they come to be the ones chosen to put history to rights.

Iron Shinto furthers the story:   having found the abilities of astral travel, transporting and protection with the help of Moa, the young women now appear to have lost themselves. An evil force has found and separated them from their bodies. They must now find a way to heal the rift that set them asunder and find their physical bodies before time runs out. Can they decipher the clues that have torn them apart and find the integral beings where they have been hidden? Moa comes back for the challenge, but it is already too late.

This family is so beset with complexities that the depth is like looking through a bottomless pool. The story is interesting, and Hillary, Molly and Heidi are great personalities, with flaws that make them altogether human. The beginning of each chapter assigns blessings and chants to help clear chakras and issues to move into a better experience. This adds a dose of spiritualism that enhances the work. This is the third book in the series: a final coup de grace of emotional turmoil.

This would be a great book for the young adult or anyone who really enjoys a good mystery with a dose of spirituality and the paranormal thrown in. If you are intrigued with the story and the characters you will find that the first two books of the series will give you that extra dose of richness. Each story can stand alone, but when combined with each other there is a fullness of heart.

You may find yourself memorizing the chants and rooting for the characters to win and for life to right itself. This is an amazing series, and Shiu has given up a series with teeth. These are a great addition to your library or that of your young reader.

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