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When the darkness of the past becomes the new future, all bets are off.

Book Review: If You Were Here – by Alafair Burke

As life moves on and we grow older, we also believe that our past is just that, something that happened once long ago. What happens when our past collides with our present?

In If You Were Here by Alafair Burke, we enter the world of mystery and intrigue, but not through the normal channels. When a magazine Journalist, McKenna Wright looks into a midtown subway rescue, she is transported into a past that has haunted her for years. The shadowy picture from a cell phone that captured the rescue jolts her in a way she never saw coming. The poorly lit, strange angle of the photo makes all certainty unavailable, but she believes the rescuer looks very like a classmate of her husband who she had developed a friendship with years before. This is––before she disappeared without a trace.

McKenna is now hot on the trail of her belief, but finding that the situation seems to be spinning out of control. When circumstances begin building up and information as well as witnesses begin to disappear, she finds herself in a dangerous game, way over her head. No one believes her, including her husband. Suddenly she finds herself at odds, and begins to suspect those closest to her of a cover-up. How can she even begin to trust again; even her husband is not above reproach. Is there anyone she can turn to before anyone else dies? When the tables are turned and she becomes the one being hunted, can the past secrets begin to reveal themselves?

Burke has penned a tale of revenge and danger. Trust becomes the game changer as the past comes back in unexpected terror. The characters are exceptional, and you find yourself cheering them on, or hoping for their failure. The race against time to find the answers brings those close to her in the firing line. McKenna’s future and her reputation are at stake, yet it is the lives of those she holds most dear that has her in the most pain. The action takes you there, and you are so immersed you feel the suspense and exhaustion.

This is an excellent tale of romance and suspense, a work that will grace the libraries of the mystery book aficionados. If you enjoy the chase, and enjoy unexpected surprise you will enjoy this work. Alafair Burke breaks into the scene with a novel of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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