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Book Review: How to Write a Book Proposal, 4th Edition by Michael Larsen

Now in its fourth edition, How to Write a Book Proposal, by Michael Larsen, remains a hit.

This new edition lays the groundwork for writing a good proposal and finding an agent to sell your book. What’s new in this fourth edition is an update on the entire publishing industry, and loads of new resources.

Before the internet age, people didn’t think much about the afterlife a newly published book. The industry swept it up and it either thrived or died. But digital technology has changed all that, not only creating new viable sales channels for more books, but making it easier than ever for authors to do good research and promote their work.

Michael Larsen, a co-founder of the Larsen/Pomada Literary Agency in San Francisco, California, has 30-plus years in publishing. How to Write a Book Proposal lives up to its name, and more, since Larsen is generous in sharing his knowledge of the industry. His first-person experience makes the book useful for many other aspects of writing, not just book proposals.

Sections include information on ways to add value to your book, targeting your ideal reader, and building communities to support your writing career with the “Golden Triangle.” You’ll also learn about recent changes in the publishing industry, get updates on trends, view sample proposals, a completely updated resources section, and a new chapter on online promotion.

Going far beyond the promise of the book’s title, you’ll learn a great deal about author marketing and the sales process in the retail book trade. Why does this matter? Because whether you know it or not, you’re going to have to work at keeping your book visible and sustaining sales.

If you’re at the stage of finalizing your book’s title, buy How to Write a Book Proposal just for Larsen’s sage advice on gaining distance from your book to help you find the best title, and his 19 questions to ask yourself about the marketing power of a title.

Appendix material includes a rich collection of web resources ranging from article syndication to podcast directories, and insights on the value of a publicist and creative alliances.

With today’s wide self-publishing options, writers may choose to strike out on their own rather than wait a year or two for a publisher to turn your words into your life’s dream.

Even if you go it alone, How to Write a Book Proposal is still an extremely worthwhile guide to make certain your book is the best it can be, and to ensure you know how to reach your reader and keep your book alive.

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