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Beyond benefiting from its tips about diet and healthy eating, you will find your thoughts transformed, seeing the bigger picture.

Book Review: ‘Healing Your Life with Water’ by Diana E. Ruiz

Healing Your Life with WaterHealing Your Life with Water is a life-changing book. In fact, it’s like reading two books in one. I imagine most people will choose to read this book so they can better understand, heal, and rejuvenate their bodies. And I hope they do read this book for all the fascinating information it contains about understanding the body’s pH levels, what foods to eat to help the pH level, and all the other information that promotes good health, healthy eating, and kick starts the “inner fountain of youth.”

But this book is more than that. Diana sums it up this way, “We are made up of 70 percent water and there is a certain way to eat, think, and feel in order to keep your ‘body of water’ healthy.” Diana shows how our thoughts and emotions affect our body of water and, ultimately, our health. Her focus on the body’s pH is about balancing our water so it is not overly acidic but rather alkaline, and she carries the alkaline metaphor throughout the book, promoting not only alkaline water but alkaline thoughts and emotions. She states:

“When we understand the relationship between our mind and our physical body of water, we can begin to discover the key to: feeling better, looking younger, living longer, and unlocking our inner fountain of youth. You will be surprised by how easily your personal happiness affects the world at large once you make this discovery. And it all starts with our health.”

Beyond the health aspects of Healing Your Life with Water, Diana Ruiz offers a much bigger picture. Focusing on research done by water experts like Dr. Masaru Emoto as well as numerous other health and healing experts, including Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, and Gary Craig, she provides the reader a full means of creating a balanced body of water including techniques to relieve pain — be it emotional, mental, or physical. Ultimately, feeling better is how we make the biggest change of all because when we feel better, it’s easier to be kind to others and since we are made up of 70 percent water, this good feeling ripples out to other “bodies of water” — you, me, the community at large. This good feeling even affects nature’s bodies of water — lakes, rivers, and oceans in a surprising way.

This book is full of information and inspiration. Diana teaches us how to turn even acidic thoughts into alkaline ones, including how to change our reactions to upsetting situations, how to see successes in our failures, and how to work through the difficulties in our lives — especially those stubborn grudges and resentments. She often makes the reader laugh through her humorous use of colorful terms like Zombie Emotions and Moldy Oldies thoughts, thereby getting her points across in memorable ways.

Perhaps my favorite discussion in the book is when she talks about suffering. Someone once told Diana that the tools she offered were too easy and that healing ourselves should require suffering — that there is value to be found in suffering. While suffering can help us learn, Diana puts suffering in its place, stating, “Suffering may lead to wisdom, but wisdom does not lead to suffering.” Diana does not advocate seeking out suffering once we find a better way to heal and move forward, and she calls on the wisdom and experiences of others to back her up, including Viktor Frankl, Buddha, and — Jesus. Of Jesus, she states:

“I was always intrigued by his ability to forgive and by the stories of healing others without prejudice. It becomes clear to me now that he freely healed those who would be healed…he didn’t admonish them to continue suffering. He encouraged them to take up their beds and walk instead of recommending they lie there a bit longer because suffering was to be dragged out as long as possible. The lesson was discovering that there wasn’t a need to suffer longer than you felt a need to.”

After reading Healing Your Life with Water, I have learned to focus on leading a more alkaline lifestyle both in what I eat and in how I think about myself, others, and the world around me. I’ve cut back on coffee and soda because they are acidic. And I’ve spent more time sending positive thoughts and praying for those in need. As Diana states, “information is useless unless you apply it to create a diet that gives you life, fights disease, and promotes health.” The application of this book’s information is a life-changer.

If you want to live a healthier and happier life, you will find it by following the advice in these pages. Beyond benefiting from its tips about diet and healthy eating, you will find your thoughts transformed,  seeing the bigger picture of how we can heal not only ourselves but we can help to heal the world when we focus on being kind to our bodies of water. World peace might even be possible when we focus on alkaline and healing thoughts. Diana thinks it’s possible, and after reading this book, I think so as well. We just have to make the choice. First, choose to read this book and let your water flow — heal your mind and body naturally as it was intended to do.

For more information about Diana Ruiz and Healing Your Life with Water, visit the author’s website and check out the book video.

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