Saturday , September 30 2023
For the beginner to the moderately advanced blogging professional.

Book Review: Head First WordPress by Jeff Siarto

Blogging since the late 1990s has gained acceptance as a medium to share the individual’s thoughts, hobbies, work as well as commerce. There are also varieties of blogs in terms of their purpose from the individual right up to MNC thought leaders and political party blogs.

Within the fair share of competition that started in the early part of this decade, WordPress has emerged as the frontrunner among the blog services providers within a short period of time. Sites such as toptenreviews support this popular opinion.

The important part of their success is that WordPress is primarily an open source blog tool and publishing platform. It allows at the basic level, a purely blogging site, no advertisements and no additional complex social networking features. There are a large number of plugins available for most purposes that a WordPress blog can imaginatively be put to.

Head First WordPress adds to the large volume of publications seeking to help the blog writer get up to speed and make good use of the medium using WordPress. It gives the basic and practical steps to setting up web sites in WordPress.

Some topics for medium to advanced blogging professionals — such as securing WordPress, cloud hosting mobile WordPress and search engine optimization —  are also included in this book.

With a focused audience as the WordPress users and customers, the quality of the book is high. It is useful for the individual blogger, for small office/home office entrepreneurs trying to develop a useful website. For the advanced blogger, the WordPress documentation still is the recommended first reference.

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