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A must for Hammer film fans as well those interested in beauties of the silver screen.

Book Review: Hammer Glamour by Marcus Hearn

Written by Fantasma el Rey

Based in the United Kingdom, Hammer Film Productions has long been known for their Gothic horror movies, often re-imagining the 1930s Universal Monsters to much success. Movie fans in general will be familiar with Hammer for some reason, be it through their brand of horror, film noir, sci-fi or Raquel Welch’s pre-historic bikini. Throughout their long history Hammer has been known for their lovely women stars and co-stars, affectionately known as the Hammer Glamour. Now author Marcus Hearn has put together one hell of an introduction to the hotties of the Hammer world and titled his book simply Hammer Glamour.

This hardcover coffee-table book is packed with 160 pages of gorgeous women in provocative poses on great movie sets as they invite fans from all over the world into the Hammer house of horrors. Hearn does a magnificent job in his brief introduction giving a quick history of Hammer Film Productions. The book provides good overviews of the ladies’ careers before and after their Hammer days. The stars are alphabetized and given a page, sometimes two, of info to go along with their awesome photos.

The beauties are given a full page of one of their best shots as well as two or three smaller pics that fill out the info page. The bright color and stunning black and white photos allow the ladies and their wonderful costumes to live again. Most photos were taken on location or on the wonderful sets Hammer created. Also included is a list of the Hammer films they appeared in, making for another great reference for Hammer films to see.

The beauties that Hammer Films used throughout the years are all here including the above-mentioned Raquel Welch along with Ursula Andress, Eva Bartok, Vera Day, Suzan Farmer, Barbara Payton, Stefanie Powers, Janette Scott, Barbara Shelly, and a very young Nastassja Kinski to name but a few of the over fifty profiles featured. Besides Welch’s steaming shot on hot rocks there are absolutely fabulous photos of Yutte Stensgaard in a very Marilyn Monroe-like pose on red satin sheets (here shot on a vampire’s bed), Caroline Munro in thigh-high black boots as a vampire vixen, and Valerie Leon in a black bikini/lingerie piece that’s just incredible. There’s a lot of that by the way: bikini, lingerie, low cut, cleavage shots, and tons of high boots and hemlines. Some of these starlet’s names are simply alluring as is the case with Olinka Berova, Carita, Ingrid Pitt, Catherine Von Schell, and Victoria Vetri; these names have flair and roll of the tongue.

Marcus Hearn delivers a fascinating look through his photo selections and interesting sketches of the women and people tangled in the Hammer web. Hammer Glamour is a must for Hammer film fans as well those interested in beauties of the silver screen, pin-up girls, and overall knock-out photos of hot women in timeless poses. Never mind the $29.95 price tag. Pick it up for the hotties and cherish it for the bits of movie history and gossip it provides.

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