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From Liverpool to Abbey Road is a perfect example of how to use popular music to make learning guitar fun.

Book Review: From Liverpool To Abbey Road: Standard Notation Edition by Alfred Music Publishing

You’re an adult and you want to learn to play guitar. You have no previous instruction, but you would like to know how to play something a little more contemporary and grown-up than “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” fairly quickly. How about songs from the most popular group of the 20th Century?

With From Liverpool to Abbey Road: Standard Notation Edition, as soon as you learn how to hold the guitar, read a little “Get Acquainted With Music” section and perform a few exercises, you get to play your first Beatles song: “With a Little Help from My Friends.” It might not be the way The Beatles played it, but it’s recognizable!

From Liverpool to Abbey Road

A couple of pages further along, and you practice “Yellow Submarine,” and then, shortly after that, “I’m Happy Just to Dance With You.” You’re rocking and rolling!

Seriously, this is an accurate and entertaining way to learn to play guitar, starting from the very basics. The book comes with a CD, too, so that you can watch exercises and see songs in the book played by award-winning guitarist Adam Levy.

The book feature all standard music notation so that you learn to read music as you go. The clear photos and diagrams show you exactly how to hold the guitar, where to place your fingers, and everything else you need to know to learn to play.

Among the songs you will play are eight No. 1 Beatles singles and over 30 Beatles songs altogether.

Every aspiring rock guitarist needs to have these songs in his repertoire, so why not learn them as you learn the instrument?

By the way, you will still learn some of the classic folk songs that are traditionally used in instruction, just in case you ever need to know how to play “Buffalo Gals” or “Down in the Valley.”

Alfred Music Publishing is the largest educational music publisher in the world, and they have been publishing instruction books since 1922. Along the way, they have learned the techniques that work and produce happy customers. From Liverpool to Abbey Road is a perfect example of how to use popular music to make learning guitar easy and fun!

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