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Book Review: ‘Flamecaster,’ A Shattered Realms Novel by Cinda Williams Chima

23253083In Flamecaster, A Shattered Realms Novel, Author Cinda Williams Chima, introduces us to a young and powerful healer with a gift of magic named Ash. Son of the queen, he is forced into hiding after a series of murders. He is ready for revenge and is close to the man he searches for, the King of Arden. He is not sure if he can use his healing powers for vengeance.

While he is planning his move, Jenna Bandelow, a spy, is also planning to strike against the king. She carries a mysterious mage-mark on the back of her neck that will make her a target. She believes that it is only a tale until she becomes hunted by the King’s guard. Unwilling to become a pawn she decides to put an end to the King in her own way.

Ash and Jenna come together in a strange twist as dark magic begins to makes its own mark in the world. With both having more to hide then imagined, can they survive the threats leveled against them? Will their differences hinder them or will it bring them together in ways that will help them grow?

Chima has given us a fierce pair of young people who have grown up way to soon. Their magic’s make them targets, and they both hunt the same man. She takes us into a world of beauty and chaos and litters it with both magic and powers. She delivers on the protagonists as well as the victims in ways that keep you enthralled.

If you have a youngster who loves to read this is a great work of fantasy. For the young at heart you will find your own magic all over again between the pages. The plots and ploys will keep you spellbound and you will find this work hard to dismiss once you have finished. This is a great work for your library, one you can read over and again.

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