Monday , May 27 2024
A nice reading app for kids with colorful illustrations and read-along features.

Book Review: Enchanted Tales: Snow White by Oceanhouse Media

Enchanted Tales: Snow White is a cute storybook app for smart phones. I reviewed the Apple version for the iPhone.

Kids can listen to the story and have it recited to them, as each word is highlighted in a read-along manner. They can also turn that feature off and read the story on their own, flipping pages. The interface is easy to work with and both little and adult fingers can swipe the phone’s surface to flip back and forth in the story.

The illustrations are colorful and the dwarfs have been given a twist — they are all named “Joe.” Silly, but fun. It might be nice if there were a few more illustrations. Some illustrations are used for multiple pages. But that didn’t bother my daughter at all, so maybe that’s just me. My 7 year-old really enjoyed reading on her own and another time having the narrator read it to her, so I can see this app being used again and again.

Looking at the extras, there are some other great “picture book” apps featuring familiar and beloved children’s book characters: Tacky the Penguin, The Berenstain Bears, and also some Dr. Seuss stories. This seems a great way to entertain the kids and a fun way to increase reading skills as well.

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