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There's a Wocket in my Pocket! is another wonderful Dr. Seuss book app.

Book Review: Dr. Seuss’s There’s a Wocket in my Pocket! by Oceanhouse Media

Dr. Seuss’s There’s a Wocket in my Pocket! is a very nice storybook app. I reviewed the Apple version for the iPad and iPhone.

Oceanhouse Media has done another wonderful job adapting a Dr. Seuss classic. The playful nature of the prose and colorful illustrations of the original book comes through.

There are many ways to enjoy There’s a Wocket in my Pocket! and the interface is easy to grasp. Little (and adult) hands can swipe the screen to turn the “page” or tap the screen for highlighted words, or hold a finger over a paragraph to have the narrator read it again.

With the “Read to Me” feature a narrator recites the story, each word highlighted. All the pictures are identified, from “Me” and “Umbrella” to the more amusing “Woset” and “Closet.” But not just nouns can appear. Words like “Splash” and “Fun” come up as well.

If they choose to read the story on their own in the “Read it Myself” feature, young readers can tap each word at their own pace, with the graphics zooming in. Flipping pages, in a side-swipe motion and tapping pictures for highlighted words is also available.

In the “Auto Play” feature the narrator reads and flips the pages automatically, but readers can still tap the illustrations for highlighted words.

Oceanhouse Media is really making the Dr. Seuss books come to life, while respecting the original books and illustrations. They have other Seuss offerings, including Dr. Seuss’s ABC, Green Eggs and Ham, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think, The Cat In The Hat, The Sneetches and .

Fun sound effects are provided by the variety of creatures in the story — the Zamp, Yot, Ghair, Yeps, etc. This has always been a favorite book in our house, and my 7 year-old loved this version, too. She really enjoyed reading on her own, and also with the the narrator reading it to her. I can definitely see the There’s a Wocket in my Pocket! app being used again and again.

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