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Book Review: ‘Dr. Colbert’s Hormone Health Zone’ by Don Colbert, M.D

Dr. Don Colbert is a practicing anti-aging medical doctor, speaker and author. His latest book, Dr. Colbert’s Hormone Health Zone: Lose Weight, Restore Energy, Feel 25 Again!, takes everything we’ve known about hormone treatment to a new level to help readers move from feeling poorly or only fair to feeling great.

He attributes the root cause of many diseases and ailments associated with aging — such as muscle loss, foggy memory, high cholesterol, heart disease and degenerating bones, to name a few — to suboptimal hormone levels. His solution lies in “optimizing” our hormones.

Optimizing hormones means that we bring our hormone levels to the upper end of the normal range. It’s different than “balancing” hormones, which only keeps them within prescribed normal ranges, but where troublesome symptoms often persist.

Optimized hormones are at the levels people have when they’re in their twenties. Dr. Colbert has found that symptoms negatively impacting patients’ health will generally resolve in three to six months and they’ll regain energy and vitality when they optimize their hormone levels using bioidentical hormones.

While aging is a cause of lowering hormone levels, other factors can be hormone disruptors, such as stress, medications, exposure to toxic chemicals and more. These often confuse the body’s hormonal systems. The health conscious among us can lessen disruptive effects through diet and exercise and lifestyle habits. However, says Dr. Colbert, they won’t experience the pinnacle of health and vitality unless they also optimize their hormones through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Dr. Colbert’s Hormone Health Zone addresses many of the issues that have given hormones a bad reputation in the past. It debunks the studies often cited that led to the denunciation of both estrogen for women and testosterone for men.

Dr. Colbert points out that all of the big hormone scares, hoaxes, myths and flawed studies have been based on the bad side effects from synthetic hormones, not the bioidentical hormones that have the same chemical composition as hormones produced in the body. Only bioidentical hormones can optimize the body’s hormonal system, and they can be administered in the form of shots, pellets inserted into hip area, patches, sublingual tablets or creams.

Using stories of patients who’ve turned life-deteriorating symptoms around, including memory-related diseases, migraines, erectile dysfunction and others, Dr. Colbert illustrates numerous successes resulting from hormone optimization.

The book also addresses the different health affects associated with each of the body’s particular hormones. For instance, osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases can be reversed by optimizing our Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels.

For now, much of the medical establishment continues to view suboptimal hormone levels as “in range.” Yet, Dr. Colbert’s Hormone Health Zone arms readers with enough information to ask the questions needed of their physicians and request the appropriate blood tests to find where hormone levels need to be optimized. If your own physician is uncooperative, Dr. Colbert advises searching online directories of doctors who practice bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Anyone who has developed symptoms that are negatively impacting their lives, or are trying to avoid diseases later in life, will find the answers they need for optimal health in Dr. Colbert’s Hormone Health Zone.

Learn more at the book’s website.

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