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In "Contract: Snatch", mystery, action and fiery characters come together in a compelling and exciting story .

Book Review: ‘Contract: Snatch’ – A Sei Assassin Thriller by Ty Hutchinson

contract-snatch-ebook-1333-x-2000Author Ty Hutchinson brings us a bold new character in his recent release, Contract: Snatch, a Sei Assassin Thriller. Sei had been part of an assassin organization sent on jobs to alleviate problems that could not be solved in other ways. Living as a recluse she keeps few friends and is always on guard for she knows the life she had chosen, and now put aside, makes her a target for others. After losing her daughter shortly after birth Sei has hung up her tools and moved on. However, she knows that none of her former competition will believe her.

A phone call turns her life around in a complicated way. Requested for another assassin job she turns it down, but the caller knows about the secret of her lost child. However, this contact also has a story. Having been informed of her daughter’s death shortly after the birth, she is now told the baby was really kidnapped and her daughter is being raised by others. The caller offers her information on the kidnapping but only in return for the job he is asking.

Fuelled by anger at people’s duplicity, Sei once again becomes a main player in the high stakes game of assassination. However, she also conducts her own investigations into her child’s disappearance. What she finds gives her hope, but also creates pain and hurt. Unaware of why all has occurred as it has, she realizes she is on her own. Who does she trust to help her move forward?

Now, even her closest friends become suspect and she must keep herself out of danger. Living as an assassin is extremely dangerous and she also discovers she’s also a target. Can she stay one step ahead and find the real answers to her past? Can she find her daughter before all trails disappear?

Hutchinson has given us an amazingly strong character in Sei, but the flaws within her character softens the edges of what could be chilling and remote. Her nurturing character is hidden deep within yet it comes to light in several areas keeping you a fan.

The others involved are an interesting array of dark and light, with just enough depth, and at times friendships, to keep you confused as to who the real bad guys are. Red herrings are littered throughout which help keeps you guessing.

IF you enjoy mystery, action and fiery contenders you will enjoy this work. Sword play, hand to hand combat and danger are just a few of the features. The characters stay with you as you continue to mull over the story long after the reading is complete. Hutchinson brings us an exciting new character to watch for.

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