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Abby Kane, FBI agent, has now found that she is the final scene of a murder, and must put an end to the madness before she and her family perish.

Book Review: ‘Coit Tower,’ An Abby Kaine Thriller by Ty Hutchinson

coit-towerIn Coit Tower Ty Hutchinson has given us a satisfying end to an Abby Kane FBI case that has spanned several years and multiple continents. As Abby and her cohort track down a killer willing to kill from the obscurity of the internet, they find themselves in the middle of the game. Acting out the different parts of the game and dressing the kill as requested to win, Abby has now found that she is the final scene. Thinking she was tracking from obscurity herself, she now finds that she has been set up, and must put an end to the madness before she and her family perish.

As she moves forward old friends become suspect, and old enemies become friends. Danger lurks around every corner. Abby must find a way to head off the attacks for they are now on her own home turf. As she sends her family away to safety, she is uncomfortable. Where she has always been able to keep an eye on them, she is lost when they are so far away. Even contact is prohibited due to the possibility of her calls being tracked.

As the teams come against her, she is able to find a way to shut them down, yet in her heart she knows there is real danger to her family. Can she find the answer to the questions before it is too late for them all?

This is a great finish to a case that has spanned several books. Hutchinson has given us a shady crime lord and an exceptional protagonist with unexpected flaws. She is determined and strong but carries her heart on her sleeve. His vision of a game of murder is conceptual and quite possible given the ability to hide to some extent behind various servers through the net. His characters are eminently likable and easy to visualize.

With his unusual sense of humor, Hutchinson creates fun within his suspense, something that keeps you involved and turning the pages. His mystery is succinct and plausible, and you will find yourself liking his unlikely hero in the form of Abby Kane.

If you enjoy mystery and suspense with a dose of humor and heart you will find this series to be a great addition to your library. There is a satisfying gratification when the good guys win out for it isn’t just about Abby Kane but her family and friends as well.

This would be a great book for a reading group or book club. The use of computers as a conduit to crime is interesting and very plausible, likely to create a great deal of dialogue.

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