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"Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed!" by recovering food addict and self-professed Superwoman Lisa Lewtan is a savvy book about ditching the stress, guilt, and cravings — and learning how to feed mind, body and soul.

Book Review: ‘Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed!’ by Lisa Lewtan

lewtanbookcover (1)Certified health coach Lisa Lewtan is a recovered Superwoman and food addict. In her new book, Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed! she shares her personal journey to health, and offers a refreshing, practical approach to calming down, eating better, and not beating ourselves up.

Lewtan’s story will strike a chord with many readers: after spending years literally running herself into the ground, she had to find a healthier way to live. To do so, she played detective — with herself. She took a long, hard look at her own behavior and thought patterns, learning what triggered her own obsessive eating. She forged a new relationship with food and revised the way she treated her own body. But it’s not a recipe for perfection. It’s a recipe for real life.

Without going into nitty-gritty details about fats, protein and carbs, or the pros and cons of eating paleo, raw or vegan, Lewtan instead focuses on how we can learn to change our own thought patterns. It starts by following our own clues. Many of us spend our days running from one appointment or obligation to the next and trying to keep up with demanding schedules. As we rush around, always worrying about what needs to be done, our bodies interpret the stress as an attack. Physiologically, it’s as if we’re under siege — and the fight or flight mode triggers an urge for food.

But there are ways to combat our cravings without also adding to our own sense of stress and deprivation. Lewtan not only effectively guides readers away from living in constant action mode, she offers a method for paying better attention to ourselves, and being mindful of what we really need. Craving a brownie, for example? Before we reach for that brownie, Lewtan writes, slow down and ask what we really want. Is the desire for a brownie really about something else, like the need for a nap, a walk, or a hug?

Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed! is filled with humor, with chapter titles that are chuckle-inducing, such as “Ditching Your Inner-critic Bitch, ” “Impale Your Bathroom Scale.” The lightheartedness goes with Lewtan’s positive approach. Most of all, she advises, ditch the guilt or self-accusation — such thoughts will only wind up creating more stress. And, as she notes, forgive yourself. One of her mantras is: “It’s all about getting back on track, and then it’s about getting back on track again.”

This is more than a book of inspiration: it’s a savvy, compassionate guide with practical tips and assignments to help readers turn idea into action. It’s a welcome alternative to deprivation and hovering over that scale, a tasty blend of self-awareness and self-empowerment to nourish mind, body, and soul. To learn more, visit

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