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An inspiration to anyone who wants to learn how to survive the difficult moments in life.

Book Review: Beating Adversity by Randy Mallory

Beating Adversity by Randy MalloryAfter Randy Mallory experienced a traumatic motorcycle accident that should have taken his life, he had a long road of recovery before him. Many people would have given up on life at that point, but not Randy. All his life, Randy had worked hard, and now he was prepared to do the same to return to as normal a life as possible. Every bad event that had previously happened to him could not compare to his motorcycle accident, but he had learned a lot from all those encounters with adversity, and now they prepared him for the fight of his life.

In Beating Adversity, Randy tells his life story of growing up in the LDS Church in Utah. He remembers parents who were the salt of the earth, and he details how he was often in trouble or making bad decisions, yet his parents’ love always pulled him back onto the correct path. Randy’s life has been full of variety, from going on a church mission to being director of sales for a top dental laboratory and from owning his own business to his love of motorcycles beginning at a very young age.

At times, Randy has been on top; at other times, he has had to beat adversity — through a divorce, by dealing with dishonest business partners, and ultimately, suffering that traumatic motorcycle accident and brain injury that resulted in a near-death experience that reaffirmed his purpose for living.

Far more than an autobiography, Beating Adversity is an inspiration to anyone who wants to learn how to survive the difficult moments in life and find the silver lining that always exists. Even when Randy thought he was at the worst moment of his life, hope existed.

I won’t give away what happened after his accident, but Randy’s story proves that love and determination can conquer all odds. Beating Adversity will affirm for everyone that if Randy could get through what he has experienced, so can anyone, and not just get through it, but come out of the situation, wiser, happier, and feeling that whatever adversity life throws one’s way, it can be beaten.

Besides telling his story, Randy often addresses his readers directly, challenging them to think about moments of adversity in their own lives, giving them questions to ponder and suggestions for how to improve their lives, and he includes inspirational quotations and poems throughout. Beating Adversity is a different kind of book — a personal story that is relevant to everyone.

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