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In "Art in the Blood, A Sherlock Holmes Adventure" Bonnie Macbird has given us back the Sherlock Holmes of old, one whose flaws are a constant battle who yet maintains a sense of panache that creates trust in those who rely on him.

Book Review: ‘Art In The Blood, A Sherlock Holmes Adventure,’ by Bonnie Macbird

23656887The Sherlock Holmes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a man of cunning and intrigue, full of wonder and bravery with an eye to investigation that boggles the mind. Those who now follow bring us variations of the character as they perceive him to be. In Art In The Blood, A Sherlock Holmes Adventure by Bonnie Macbird, we find a Sherlock, very true to form, more like the one first introduced by Doyle himself.

Holmes has reached a pinnacle after his investigation of the Ripper murders. Unable to close the case he once again takes up his use of cocaine. Watson is unable to help him and in fact cannot even interest him in further cases. It is only when an encoded message from Paris arrives that Holmes takes any interest in his investigations. A beautiful star of the French Caberet has lost her son, and she is absolutely sure his life is in danger.

Holmes and Watson take the challenge and upon their arrival in Paris Holmes finds that the missing child may not be the whole story, just the most urgent par. Yet there are also children being found throughout London murdered. Can he find the Mademoiselle’s son and deliver the truth before the deaths pile up?

Macbird has given us back the Sherlock Holmes of old. One whose flaws are a constant battle and yet maintains a sense of panache that creates trust in those who rely on him. Watson is the stalwart mate who helps him decipher clues and maintain Holmes’s mindset, while finding the deep and dark cavities within the minds of a killer.

The story is great with a solid plot. You are taken into the streets of London of old and the descriptions take you there as you follow the exploits of a man that thinks far differently than most. MacBird does a great job of keeping you on the chase and shows us the Holmes we grew up with.
I have a great deal of respect for the way MacBird is able to find a tale that holds realism, then twists and turns the plot in ways to keep you ducking red herrings, while Holmes alone seems to see behind and around the decoys. If you enjoy mystery and intrigue, and are a fan of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes you will love this work. There is no better who done it, then those perused by the great master of mystery himself. This is a must have for your library and would make a great gift for your reader for the holidays.

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