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Bond Babes Bounce on AMC

In conjunction with the forthcoming Bond flick Die Another Day, AMC is going Bond-girl crazy:

    From Dr. No’s Ursula Andress to Halle Berry in the new movie Die Another Day, Bond Girls were once portrayed as angels with broken wings, yet now emerge as strong, sexy and intelligent women who are a formidable match for 007. On November 6 and 22 at 8PM ET/PT, check out our exclusive all-new special Bond Girls Are Forever to go on a global odyssey to meet the fascinating women who have portrayed 007’s various female allies and adversaries.

There’s a “What Kind of Bond Girl Are You” interactive quiz, a run down of various Bondian babes:

    (“Honey Ryder”, 1962’s Dr. No)
    The quintessential Bond Girl, Ursula Andress cemented her place in movie history with her Venus-like emergence from the sea in the very first Bond film, Dr. No (1962). Her Swiss accent was too strong for the part, so her voice was dubbed over by English actress Monica Van der Syl. In the film, Bond discovers that Honey’s education has come from an encyclopedia she’s had since childhood: “I started at A when I was eight and now I’ve reached T. I’ll bet I know a lot more things than you do,” she tells Bond!

More on the Bond Girl show:

    Maryam d’Abo of 1987’s “The Living Daylights” has created “Bond Girls Are Forever,” a documentary that will debut on AMC cable TV network on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST/PST and then be repeated several times.

    The new Bond film debuts on Nov. 22 with all the gadgets, fast cars and shaken martinis audiences have come to expect. But the girls are always a little bit different, and over 40 years of Bond flicks have changed as times have changed.

    “The roles are bigger and more challenging. There is more of an edge to them, but they have lost some of the fun. … Today, you couldn’t get away with a name like Pussy Galore,” d’Abo said. That’s probably true.

    Oscar winner Berry promises to bring glamour, brains and sophistication to her role of Jinx, while still kicking butt with martial arts and gun handling skills that make Bond (Pierce Brosnan ) a little bit shaken, like his favorite drink.

    ….Over the years, Bond Girls have been both victims and villains. By the 1990s, d’Abo believes, Bond Girls finally became equals of 007, illustrated by the martial arts style of Michelle Yeo as Wai Lin in 1997’s “Tomorrow Never Dies.” Dame Judi Dench, playing spy chief “M” starting in 1995’s “GoldenEye,” has become Bond’s boss.

Check out the entire harem of Bond women on this page: there are bios, photos and the like. Bond has been busy.

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