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Test your House, M.D. knowledge and win an official House t-shirt!

Blogcritics House, M.D.Trivia Contest

For House, M.D. fans, it's the midst of the summer doldrums while impatiently counting down the days to the September 21 season six House, M.D. premiere on FOX (the Official Site is likely to have preview clips and more as the premiere draws nearer). A few tidbits have come out about the new season (but I won't spoil you, except to say that the premiere is feature-length and will start out in Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital, where House admitted himself at the end of season five).

Diversions are always great while waiting for things that seem so far away, so I thought it would be fun to offer this little diversion for my loyal (and new-found) readers. So, without any further ado, it's time for the first-ever "Welcome to the End of the Thought Process House, M.D. Trivia Contest."

NBC/Universal, which produces House, M.D. and their t-shirt licensee, T-Line Design, have provided Blogcritics with 10 beautiful t-shirts to give away. Shown below, they're the real, licensed deal. Of course, the shirts and other House swag (including House's red coffee mug, House's thinking ball (that big red and white tennis ball), and more can also be found at the NBC/Universal store.

Now for the rules:

  • Fill out the entry form.
  • You must answer all five questions on the entry form. I know they're super-tough, but feel free to guess if you don't know. You might just get lucky.
  • Entries must be received by August 23, 2009.
  • Entrants with the 10 highest scores will each receive one House, M.D. t-shirt. Ties will be broken by random drawing.
  • The winners will be drawn on or after August 23, 2009.
  • The winners will be notified by e-mail and in the comments section below.
  • You must be a U.S. resident to enter and over the age of 18. (Apologies to all my international readers.)
  • If you have any questions about the contest, post them in the comments section below (but don't post the answers or give hints!)
  • Please read our privacy policy.

As a bonus (and because I love trivia), I've included some additional just-for-fun questions. No prizes for answering these, but I've tried to make them challenging. Answers to the contest questions and the just-for-fun quiz will be posted on August 24 (42 backwards, which is the number of just-for-fun questions – and also significant to House in what way?)

General Knowledge

  1. What does House like to drink when playing cards?
  2. Who's Wilson's favorite movie director?
  3. How do you test for a tapeworm in the brain?
  4. Why would Cuddy have had to call the RIAA?
  5. How much does a Rueben sandwich (dry, no pickles) cost in the PPTH cafeteria?

Quotable Quotes To what does these quotes refer and when (and who said them)?

  1. "I thought it was pithy."
  2. "It's like Oscar Wilde in the third grade!"
  3. "He likes to see."
  4. "You have little people in you."
  5. "Wear a cup"

It's never lupus. Name the disease and episode where these diagnoses occurred.

  1. Cool coppery eyes
  2. It's not AIDS! Bite your tongue!
  3. A horse in a herd of zebras
  4. Don't you know bird fighting is illegal?
  5. The incredible shrinking baby
  6. Sand worms
  7. Mothballs?

Where have I seen that guy before? Who's the actor and what did he or she play on House?

  1. George Washington was a doctor?
  2. Street performer in Billy Jack before he became a DJ
  3. He orated and ogled in Harry Stone's courtroom
  4. He played Mel Coolie's brother-in- law in a legendary 1960s comedy
  5. He guided the IMF (and I don't mean International Monetary Fund) long before Tom Cruise got involved
  6. Tony Award winning Actress
  7. Mighty Aphrodite
  8. Ironically, she played Sean Connery's sister-in-law in Marnie
  9. This father and son each guest-starred on House
  10. "Vilkomen, bienvenu, velcome…"
  11. Dual role in an early X-File

Mixed Metaphors: Name the episode and what House was talking about?

  1. Tumor as a terrorist organization
  2. How do the Inuit fish?
  3. Like a bad doubles partner
  4. Your kitchen's on fire!
  5. This train skipped a few stations on its way to death's door.
  6. Blitzing linebackers
  7. Embolic buses

Where in the House-verse would we find:

  1. Fiji
  2. Sota
  3. NOS
  4. Eames
  5. Bose
  6. Hill-Rom
  7. Flying V

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