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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: The Nativity Story, Speed Racer, Wrestling With Angels, Tales of the Rat Fink Soundtrack, Borat Soundtrack, and AOL Halloween Videos

From humble beginnings, great things can emerge. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown) from a screenplay by Mike Rich (The Rookie, Finding Forrester), The Nativity Story tells the extraordinary tale of two common people, Mary and Joseph, a miraculous pregnancy, an arduous journey, and the history-defining birth of Jesus. Brought to life with an unprecedented attention to detail and commitment to historical accuracy, The Nativity Story is the very human, very dramatic, and uniquely inspiring saga of a journey of faith. The movie stars Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider), Oscar Isaac (Guerrilla), Hiam Abbass, Shaun Toub, Alexander Siddig (Star Trek), Said Amadis with Ciaran Hinds, and Academy Award® nominee Shoreh Aghdashloo (House of Sand and Fog). Watch the official trailer (lo|hi).

Check out this clip of the opening of song from Speed Racer, courtesy of Lionsgate and Special Ops Media! Volume five DVD is out in stores today.

Tony Kushner | hosted by Photobucket.comWrestling With Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner is a feature documentary film about the Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning playwright Tony Kushner (Angels in America, Caroline or Change, Homebody/Kabul, Munich). It tells the story of a relentlessly creative spirit at work and of how Kushner, raised in the Deep South, would become an outspoken activist, a compassionate spokesperson for outsiders, and one of America’s most important playwrights. At its core, the film explores the mystery of creativity, its sources, and Kushner’s compelling plays that are set against the moral and political concerns of our times. While it focuses on Kushner as an artist and activist, the film also captures the poignant story of a father and son relationship. Finally, it is the inspiring tale of how a passionately committed person can make a difference for social justice. Watch the trailer.

At last, The Sadies have taken their psychedelic hot-rod-soundtrack stylings and created a psychedelic soundtrack for a hot rod movie! Tales of the Rat Fink by Ron Mann, the award-winning director of Comic Book Confidential and Grass, chronicles the wild life of Renaissance man Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, who engineered a shift in mid-twentieth century culture with his customized cars, “monster” T-shirts and America’s alternative rodent — Rat Fink. Mann’s largely animated documentary features the voice talents of John Goodman, Ann-Margret, Jay Leno, Brian Wilson, Tom Wolfe, Matt Groening, Robert Williams, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Paul Le Mat, Billy Gibbons, and The Smothers Brothers. The CD captures The Sadies’ entire score full of their patent-pending blend of rock, surf ,and spaghetti western audial shakedowns. Download “The Side Track” and check out the Video for “The Horseshoe”:

Stream the full album Stereophonic Musical Listenings That Have Been Origin in Moving Film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan this week on AOL Music.

Check out this collection of Halloween-themed videos from AOL:

  • Halloween Movies – The 5 Scariest Horror Movie Moments — count down show of those classic moments that scared the he-bee-gee-bees out of you
  • Kids’ Halloween Videos — special collection of kid’s favorites (Casper, Flintstones, Bugs Bunny)
  • AOL Comedy Pimps Your Pet
  • Photo Gallery: Dead or Alive? — Sure, asking the question may be a little insensitive, but haven’t you ever wondered what happened to TV stars who’ve just plain old dropped off the map? Well, here are some answers.
  • Celeb Costumes — From Mel Gibson to Baby Suri, they’ve got ’em.
  • LIFE/AOL Halloween Pet Photo Contest – AOL Pets — Think your pet has the hottest costume this Trick or Treat Season? Well, submit it and get li’l Sparky featured in LIFE Magazine.

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