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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: The Exies Video Premier, Seagull Strange, Chris Daughtry, Deadsy, Boy Hits Car, and Tupac Shakur Contest

The Exies have chosen Blogcritics to premeir the first video from their new album, slated to be released in early 2007. Watch their version of Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime”:

Seagull Strange wants you to download their song “Sulla’s Return.”

Rock n’ roll is seldom a predictable affair. Just ask Chris Daughtry. Better yet, examine the very public arc the enigmatic musician carved against the grain of American Idol, electrifying the show’s faithful audience with a gloves-off vocal style that revealed astonishing breadth with every new song. Still, he found himself at the center of the most surprising live rub-out in modern television history. Premature elimination, they called it on the internet, and even though a controversial lack of votes ended Chris’ quest for the top rung of American Idol 5 (a spot so widely presumed to be his, even Entertainment Weekly referred to it as “the surest thing in Idol history”) it ignited a groundswell of support from fans vowing he would soon be blazing his own trail. Listen to the track “It’s Not Over” from his new album Daughtry.

“We were looking at these photos of Lou Reed onstage in London at the Crystal Palace in, like, 1973,” relates Deadsy frontman Elijah Blue. “The audience is all hippie kids, but Lou’s up there with his Dr. Frank-N-Furter afro and white makeup on this Lower East Side-tranny-junkie-Wharholian-genius tip, and I said, ‘He was into some other shit, and we have to drop it just as hard as Lou was dropping it.” True to his word, Blue says of Deadsy’s new album, Phantasmagore (released Aug. 22, 2006 on Elementree/Immortal), “We just wanted to make a rock record in the spirit of [Reed’s] Transformer.” Listen to the song “Better Than You Know.”

Made up of Cregg Rondell (vocals &acoustic 12-string guitar), Dusty Hunt (guitar), Bill Gower (bass), and Johnny Ransom (drums), Boy Hits Car are known for playing the sickest, loveliest, ugliest, prettiest, most beautiful, melodic, heartfelt music, which the band dubs “Love Core.” Listen to the song “Tonight.”

In celebration of the life of Tupac Shakur, and the November release of the new album Pac’s Life, a set of video, art, essay and poetry contests has been designed to bring together the 2Pac community. Launched November 4th by Amaru/Interscope and technology partner KickApps, TupacContests is hosting competitions centered on the theme of celebrating Pac’s life. The public is invited to submit entries in four categories: Music Video (creating a clip for the album’s “Untouchable” track), Artwork, Essay and Poetry. The winner in each category will have his or her work displayed at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and will receive a commemorative plaque of the release of Pac’s Life, as well as other prizes for specific categories.

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