Tuesday , February 27 2024
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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Shortbus, MyDream.TV, Unknown, Prey, The Gathering, and lonelydem07

Today in the Goodie Bag:

  • Check out this e-card for Shortbus. Sign up and email five friends; you will get your full name added to the credits page of the DVD. This opportunity ends tomorrow, so hurry!
  • Lincoln has gathered experts on everything from film-making to architecture to marathon running and put them at the disposal of people who finally want to live their dream on MyDream.TV. Some dreams include: Publish My Book, Start and Run a Successful Business, Cook Like a Gourmet, Make a Living From My Music, Compete in a Triathalon, Make an Independent Film, Live a Healthy Life, Design a Clothing Line, Scuba Dive a Ship Wreck, and Travel the World.
  • Summary and stills from Unknown (out on January 30): In the same vein as The Usual Suspects and Memento, Unknown is a psychological thriller about five men who wake up in a chemical warehouse and realize they don’t know who they are or how they got there. Gradually they deduce that some of them are hostages and some are kidnappers. The men now must figure out who is who, as they’ve learned the lead kidnapper is on his way and plans to kill the hostages.
  • Summary and stills from Prey (out on January 30): Tom Newman (Peter Weller) can’t join his family on their first African adventure vacation due to urgent business obligations, but hopes the trip will provide a chance for his son and daughter to bond with his new young wife, Amy (Bridget Moynahan). Their ranger, Brian, decides to add some extra thrills and takes them “off-roading.” All is well until Amy and the two kids become lost in a labyrinthine game reserve and begin to be stalked by savage lions who won’t quit until they have dinner.
  • Summary and stills from The Gathering (out on January 30): While traveling through the English town of Ashby Wake, Cassie (Christina Ricci), an American backpacker, takes a turn for the worse after she is involved in a random car accident. During recovery she is befriended by Simon Kirkman (Stephen Dillane), who has been researching embedded images of Christ’s crucifixion in a buried church from the first century. Cassie begins to have terrifying visions of the townspeople and their deaths and wonders if the town is cursed or are her visions spirits from the unearthed church grasping for life.
  • What if “lonelygirl15” hadn’t just been a corporate “viral” marketing dealie? What if it had been a real attempt to personify the collective voice and wisdom of the interwebnettubes? Meet lonelydem07:

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