Thursday , September 23 2021
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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Ludacris, Ying Yang Twins, Elisabeth Withers, and Brian McKnight

Ludacris keeps his momentum up with last week's number one album, Release Therapy, poised to reach gold status after three weeks on the charts. An exclusive live version of "Money Maker" featuring Pharrell is now available with Cingular Answer Tones™.

Check out the brand new video for the Ying Yang Twins' first single off the forthcoming Chemically Imbalanced, "Dangerous" featuring Wyclef Jean.

Fans of Elisabeth Withers' Broadway work will be taken aback by the impressive range of her album, It Can Happen to Anyone, which mines everything from R&B, gospel, and pop to old school cabaret and rock. Not surprising when you consider Elisabeth loves both Millie Jackson and Sheryl Crow. Check out the video for the song "Be With You" and the EPK (lo|hi).

Embracing an effortless eloquence and cocoa butter smooth persona, the music of Brian McKnight has defined the true meaning of American soul man since 1991. Like his spiritual Motown godfathers, this upstate New York native has a velvety voice and silky style that captures the vibe of vintage soul without being old fashion. On his latest disc Ten, that blend can be clearly heard. Check out his new single "Used to be My Girl" (lo|hi) produced by Tim & Bob.

Spiked with lyrical vigor and vinegar "Used to Be My Girl" is the realest R&B track released in a long time. "This might be the first song dealing with the issue of a man confronting his ex's new boyfriend," McKnight states. "Talking mess to your former girl's latest man is a common scenario, but I've never heard it on a song."

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