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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Livin’ Single, The Nativity Story, Saturday Night Live, Home Purchasing Club, and aniBOOM Awards 2006

Today in the Goodie Bag, we have:

  • A night out on the club scene with Wall Street trader Richie on LX.TV‘s Livin’ Single.
  • Here are a few more clips from The Nativity Story, which opened in theaters yesterday: “Broken No Vow” (lo|hi), “Honor” (lo|hi), “Believe You” (lo|hi), “Afraid” (lo|hi).
  • Here are a couple of clips from the Saturday Night Live: Season One DVD set: “Killer Bees” (lo|med|hi) and “Belushi Screen Test” (lo|med|hi).
  • Home Purchasing Club is a web-based series created by cast members of Saturday Night Live, The Groundlings, Napoleon Dynamite, The Drew Carey Show and Office Space. Spoofing ridiculous home shopping network segments, HPC just launched its first episode as part of VH1’s V-Spot player and will premiere new episodes on the site every Monday for the next six weeks.

  • aniBOOM is the only community-based video content site that focuses exclusively on animation. In the spirit of the holiday season, aniBOOM is now seeking holiday animation clips for its aniBOOM Awards 2006.

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