Friday , November 19 2021
Audio and video streams from recent and upcoming album releases.

Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Josh Kelley, Sophe Lux, Five.Bolt.Main, Blanco Diablo, and Hymns

Singer/songwriter Josh Kelley is releasing Just Say the Word on October 10th. In anticipation of that release, two tracks are available for streaming: "Just Say the Word" and "Pop Game".

Sophe Lux has a new video, "Target Market," that is modeled after the creepy look of an early 20th century silent horror film. The song is off of Walking the Mystics which came out last month.

This week on the GHIDRAH:
Five.Bolt.Main's "Made Like This" from Live (to be released on October 10th)
Blanco Diablo's "9 Lives" from Paper Poison Revolution
Hymns "Brother/Sister" from Brother/Sister (to be released on October 10th)

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