Sunday , September 19 2021
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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Jackass Number Two, The Sopranos, Bloodline, and Playback

Today in the Goodie Bag, we have:

  • You can play the “Gore Johnny Knoxville” game online as a part of the promotion for the Jackass Number Two DVD release.
  • The Sopranos A&E Connection Game combines real-world media — such as billboards, phone kiosks and magazine ads — with an online game board synched to A&E’s real-time broadcast of the show. Players can register to play the game by visiting the official website today.
  • In this clip from the movie Bloodline, Marcus ‘Money Mark’ Seymore as police officer “Marcus Dorsey” confronts his brother “Nate” played by Joseph ‘Ump’ Sweeting about his life of crime:

  • Playback is a bi-weekly series on DotComedy in which musical comedians Stuckey and Murray take a humorous and satirical look at current events and pop culture topics, through an originally composed song:

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