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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Dixie Chicks, The Clockwork Army, Red Sparowes/Made Out of Babies/Battle of Mice, In Civilian Clothing, Royce, and a Yep Rock Records Podcast

The Dixie Chicks attended the world premiere of the new documentary film Shut Up and Sing at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 12. Early reviews for the movie are giving it kudos for being a great documentary with an almost unbelievable amount of behind-the-scenes access to the Dixie Chicks' professional and personal lives. Directed by Academy-Award winning documentary maker Barbara Kopple and Cecelia Peck, the movie chronicles the Dixie Chicks from the now infamous offhand remark on stage in London in March 2003 to the present. The Weinstein Company is distributing the film, which is currently slated for theatrical release in the U.S. in November. International release dates are to be announced.

publicity photo of The Clockwork Army | hosted by Photobucket.comThe Clockwork Army crosses a wide range of genres, from dance-punk to indie rock to shoegazing, leaving the listener at loss for words when attempting to define their sound. However, this is something the band prides itself on, a sound that can appease the musical palettes of a variety of listeners. They define their sound as undefined because they constantly progress as musicians and create music that is a direct reflection of their own abilities and emotions at the time of composition. Regardless of this undefinable sound, it is safe to define Neveu's voice as beautiful and one that could fit just as seamlessly in a jazz band as it does in this indie band. Petti's bass lines are steady and driving, providing the groundwork for Wheeler and Neveu's mind-blowing melodies. Together, these three musicians create a sound, atmosphere, and energy for those who adore beautiful and powerful music. Stream A Catalyst for Change via the e-card.

Triad is the sum total of a series of three limited edition 7" releases (also obviously released as a CD-EP) proclaiming the good news that is to come from Neurot Recordings this fall. Along with two tracks each from Red Sparowes (members of ISIS, Neurosis, Halifax Pier, Angel Hair and Pleasure Forever) and Made Out of Babies, comes the debut of Battle of Mice, featuring members of both of those bands. The powerful instrumental tracks from Red Sparowes were recorded at KFJC's 'Live in the Pit' series and their sophomore effort will be titled Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun. Battle of Mice features the dynamic vocals of Julie Xmas and explosive guitar work that melds well with her whisper/scream delivery. Its debut, A Day of Nights, will be unleashed this Halloween.

publicity photo of In Civilian Clothing | hosted by Photobucket.comMost of us probably know of Flint, Michigan from the Michael Moore documentary Roger & Me, and this conflicted town has produced the mysterious electronic-tinged acoustic pop of In Civilian Clothing. Infusing elements of the dour Brit-pop of Tindersticks, the drum-machine-driven future pop of Morr Music, and the songwriting chops of Ben Gibbard and Conor Oberst, In Civilian Clothing soundtrack driving through secluded suburbs during rainy days, letting the headlights and radio provide much of the unique atmosphere. Its' icy-synth rock that doesn't feel like new-wave and post-emo that avoids being overblown. If you want your records to stir up your emotions with precise subtlety each time you throw it on, In Civilian Clothing have your song cycle all set up and ready to indulge. Stream We Made A Killing, We Made A Mess via the e-card.

publicity photo of Royce | hosted by Photobucket.comChicago collective Royce make ahead-of-its-years pop music, but eschew the recent laptop-pop fervor in favor of a more home-grown palate of obscure funk and soul samples spun around the kind of breathy songwriting associated with Sea & Cake and Hood. The production on the band's latest Tuff Love channels the gorgeous, authentically-hip-hop soundscapes laid out by predecessors RJD2 and DJ Shadow, but the Tortoise-like grooves are part of a larger template of freshly-brewed songs that wrap around subtle vocals and overall euphoric temperaments. Tuff Love is easily one of the few modern records to adequately blend disparate genres and consolidate the constant, sometimes awkward struggle to meld the organic and processed. Royce's repertoire is perfect whether you're looking for compelling chill-out tracks, rich, juicy breaks, or damn fine pop melodies.

grey podcast buttonIn this month's Yepcast: Exclusive interviews with Robyn Hitchcock, Cities, and The Sadies! Also, tracks from the hottest Yep Roc releases this month: The Sadies Tales of the Rat Fink soundtrack, Robyn Hitchcock's critically acclaimed new album with The Venus 3, Los Straitjackets feat. The World Famous Pontani Sisters and Kaiser George Twist Party record, Cities remix album, and more!

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