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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Dito Montiel Companion to A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Rhymefest on Half Nelson soundtrack, Jonny Lives! on National Lampoon’s Van Wilder soundtrack, Shoot-Out, and The Office

Dito Montiel, lead singer of the '90s band Gutterboy, returns with his self-titled solo debut. The 15-track release follows Montiel's success with A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, a fictionalized account of his life that he made into a book in 2003 and an award-winning independent film currently in theaters. The album will be available through all digital retailers. The album is a companion to A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints as the semi-autobiographical subject matter of the songs take place after the time period in which the film was set.

Hailing from the Windy City, Rhymefest emerges as one of the most talented hip-hop artists in Chicago. From Kanye West to Twista and to Common, Rhymefest is known to have one of the mightiest mouths in the gritty city. His original song "Wanted" features Samantha Ronson and is only available on the Half Nelson soundtrack. Enter the contest to win a copy of the soundtrack!

Jonny Lives! bring their Brit-Pop-meets-Lower East Side-rock sound to the soundtrack for National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj with party anthem "Get Steady." The video, co–directed by the film's director, Mort Nathan and star Kal Penn (Van Wilder, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle) is a "Hot For Teacher" meets "Good Mornin' Little Schoolgirl" visual-mash-up-gone-wild.

Until now, the critically acclaimed film Shoot-Out has only been available at film festivals and on DVD. It's the story of two men playing a basketball game of 1-on-1… to the death! It recently made the cover of Hoops Magazine and has been featured at Streetballin. Blogcritic Megan Giddings of the Modern Pea Pod writes, "Never before have I seen such an artistic basketball game (on film or otherwise)." Written and directed by David Branin, the film stars Tyshawn Bryant and Daniel Sol. The first three minutes of the film can be seen here:

still from The Office: Season 2 | hosted by Photobucket.comHave you gotten a call from Dwight? Check out some clips from The Office: Season 2 DVD: "The Fight" (lo|med|hi) and "The Fire" (lo|med|hi). About the show, Blogcritic Caballero Oscuro writes, "In short, while the U.K. version was almost always painfully uncomfortable, the U.S. version has drifted toward more comedic touches that give the show a lighter, more upbeat feel without detracting from its core concept."

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