Thursday , September 29 2022
The goodie bag contains all sorts of digital treats for Blogcritics Magazine readers. Enjoy!

Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Baby Boy da Prince, The Basement, Norah Jones, Diego Redd, and Dragons of Zynth

Today in the Goodie Bag:

  • Listen to this remix of Baby Boy da Prince‘s hit song “The Way I Live,” from the forthcoming album Across The Water.
  • Here’s an e-card for The Basement‘s self-titled EP, as well as the song “Do You Think You’re Moving.”
  • Check out the third installment in the Norah Jones Not Too Late video podcast.
  • Listen to Diego Redd‘s first buzz track, “Turnt Out.” Kanye West says Redd is “one of the hottest out of the West Coast or all over the United States.”
  • Watch the video for Dragons of Zynth‘s song “Labor Day Lung“:

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