Friday , September 29 2023
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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: 3 Lbs, Accepted, Amazing Race, Bonnie Fuller Interview, and VMIX Hot Picks

New CBS drama 3 Lbs follows a team of top New York City neurosurgeons who explore the brain. The series stars Stanley Tucci as neurosurgeon Doug Hanson and Mark Feuerstein as his protégé, Dr. Jonathan Seger. Both doctors approach their surgeries differently, with Doug focusing on the inner workings of the brain, and Jonathan concentrating his efforts on the people themselves. Despite the opposing points of view, the doctors share an obsession with the brain and respect each other’s mutual talents. The show debuts today on CBS Innertube, several days before the network series premiere.

In Accepted, high school slacker Bartleby Gaines (“B” to his buddies) is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his parents from finding out he’s been rejected by every college he applied to – even if that means creating a bogus university, with a demented burnout of a dean (Lewis Black) and a curriculum that includes “How to Design a Smokin’ MySpace Page” and “Cooking with Illicit Substances.” With a killer website to attract students and an abandoned loony bin to call home, the South Harmon Institute of Technology is open for business. Check out some sound bites from the film:

Check out this exclusive preview of the next episode of The Amazing Race from AOL Television.

Have you seen the LX.TV interview with AMI Chief Bonnie Fuller? Bonnie Fuller is interviewed by SuChin Pak and gives us the lowdown on her job as Editor and Chief at Star and her transition from US Weekly to Star.

vMix, the online video sharing community where “the World is Watching” selects its best videos based on editors’ picks and sheer number of views. This week the most popular and passed around videos on the Web are:

  • A press conference from the always hilarious Borat!
  • A clip from the hit TV show South Beach Undercover episode 3
  • A classic clip from the popular FOX TV show Family Guy

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