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The best of the week, Ides of March edition.

Blogcritics Editors’ Picks: March 8 through March 14

Once again, a tantalizing array of menu items from which to create a Blogcritical feast. There’s something for everyone here, so pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the best of what BC had to offer this week.

Let me take a moment to remind those of you who are chosen that you are invited to submit your own pick for next week (due to space considerations, please limit it to one). Please feel free to email me your picks by next Tuesday.


Music Editor Connie Phillips chose:

CD Review: Willie Nile – Streets of New York by Mark Saleski
Mark delivers a terrific review of an obscure record with the style and personality that is truly his; a very enjoyable read.

Book Review: Various – From The Home Office In Abbey Road Studio… by Ed Driscoll
In this article, Ed gives us his own top ten books on guitars and recording. With each book he lists, he gives a detailed description and comprehensive review of the usefulness of the book. An excellent reference source if you’re interested in guitars and recording, and still fascinating even if you’re not.

Punks Show How Unpunk They Really Are by Scott Butki
This article has stirred some controversy and received an immense amount of comment activity. Scott takes a look at what exactly defines punk and the Sex Pistols in particular, just in time for their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.


Books Editor Natalie Bennett writes:

One of the joys of Blogcritics is reading articles from people who are obviously passionate, and expert, about their chosen subjects. There were a couple of fascinating examples in Books this week.

Book Review: A Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies by James Bond by Mike Bergin
This has, Mike, told us, been superceded by later works, and is not entirely up-to-date. But there is one special attraction, a 007 kind of attraction…

Book Review: A Witch’s Notebook by Silver Ravenwolf by Amita Dragonspell
OK – not everyone’s cup of tea, but I detect in Amita’s words a real depth of knowledge and love for the subject. And I can pretty well guarantee you’ll expand your vocabulary by at least one word: anyone for a sigil?


TV Editor Joan Hunt chose:

America’s Previously Barely-Employable Model by Don Baiocchi
I wish I could offer an adequate summary. I can’t. Just. go. read. it.

The Colbert Report 3-8-06 by Josh Phillips
I don’t care how old this kid is, his sense of humor is absolutely incredible.

Deal or No Deal by Scott C. Smith
Howie’s back. This time, though, there are no funny voices, no songs, and no glove atop his head. There are only briefcases, leggy models, and a million dollars for him to work with. Oh yeah, and an ever-changing cast of average Joe contestants willing to push their luck.

Technical Administrator Phillip Winn chose:

Movie Review: {censored} by Chris Beaumont
How do you review a movie when you can’t mention the title, the actors, or the plot? Chris manages it well while describing an early test screening of a future romantic comedy.


Culture Editor Diana Hartman chose:

You Throw Like A Boy: Some Thoughts on Sexism by Victor Lana
The ball bounces back and forth and back again in Victor’s contribution to Blog Against Sexism Day.


Politics Editor Dave Nalle chose:

DINOs and Revolutionaries by Natalie Davis
A heartfelt plea for a return to principle for the Democratic party by a disaffected former member.

A Truly Radical Federal Budget by Sean Aqui
An interesting look at a proposed budget from a partisan think tank whose ideas are good regardless of their marketability.


Sports Editor Matthew T. Sussman chose:

Sal Marinello pretty much carried this week in BC Sports while I was busy picking my nose or suffering blogger’s block, whichever is worse. So I’ll just give each of his four Barry Bonds-related stories a quarter of a pick:

Bonds’ Most “Taxing” Problem Isn’t Steroids, The Ramble: The Barry Bonds Edition, MLB’s Drug Scandal And The Culture Of Permissiveness, and Bonds’ Trainer Ruined a Hall of Fame Athlete.
I am not one to argue about the physical ramifications of performance enhancing drug use. But Sal clearly hits the nail on on this story’s head — a story that the media failed to cover since its inception. To put it simply, Sal knows his shit.

John Chaney, Finally Realizing How Tired He Looks, Retires by Dan McGowan
Dan did two things very well on this piece. First: Great headline. Catchy and witty. Second: He didn’t write too much. Often times I see wordy posts that ramble (ooh, sorry Sal, didn’t see you there) when all they need to do is get 400 words on the table. Dan wrote with focus and wit, and any kind of post like this gets a big ol’ thumbs up from yours truly. In terms of the content, Dan was able to blend the legend and the caricature of John Chaney, which is pretty much how most of us will remember the Hall of Fame Temple coach.


Gaming Editor Ken Edwards chose:

Xbox Review: Black by Matt Paprocki
In one of our oddest reviews yet, Matt goes for the funny-sarcastic approach. A must read for sure!

PSP Review: Koloomn (EU) by Andrew Ogier
Is Koloomn (Ultimate Block Party in the US) the second coming of Tetris? Andy thinks it is.

Interview: Bill Kunkel — The Game Doctor by Rob Faraldi
It might be long-winded, but includes a lot of great insight from one of the first video game journalists.


Sci/Tech Editor Lisa McKay chose:

Is The Easiest Way to Read the News Necessarily the Best? by Eric Berlin
Eric B. takes us on a dizzying tour of the news as we know it (and used to know it). Web 2.0 continually changes the way we access content. Aggregators, deciders, RSS readers – in a blinding hailstorm of information, how do you find that beacon that leads you home?

Picked by last week’s chosen authors:

Steven V. Funk chose:

CD Review: Der Ring Des Nibelungen – Richard Wagner by gypsyman
This is not only a great review of this particular recording of Wagner’s Ring, but an excellent and accessible introduction to this mammoth cycle of operas in general. Bonus points for referencing Nazism, Elmer Fudd, Apocalypse Now, and Lord of the Rings in the same article![ADBLOCKHERE]

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