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The best of the week, the too-hot-to-go-outside edition.

Blogcritics Editors’ Picks: July 26 through August 1

It's hot. You're wilting. Too hot to go outside and play? Probably. But here's an idea – stay comfy and stay connected by catching up on literally everything here at BC, where we bring the best of the week to your attention so you don't have to expend too much effort. Unless you want more lemonade or iced tea. We can't do that for you.

Let me remind those of you who are chosen that you are invited to submit your own pick for next week (due to space considerations, please limit it to one). Please feel free to email me your picks (including the URL) by next Tuesday.


From Music Editor Connie Phillips: 

In CD Review: Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime II, Kanrei delivers all the great history of the band as well as every little nuance of the CD.

Richard Marcus gives an educational and entertaining look at the history of acoustic blues and how John Hammond inspired Rory Block in CD Review: The Lady and Mr. Johnson – Rory Block.

Earvolution's Interview: J-Henry – An Artist to Watch is a great look inside this up
and coming artist. And it's delivered with such style.

Joan Hunt takes us way back to Joe Bonamassa's roots in Featured Artist: Joe Bonamassa, her biography and profile of one of this month's featured artists.

From Asst. Music Editor A.L. Harper:

The Modern Pea Pod walks us through their interesting and funny requirements for nautical-themed rock in CD Review: White Whale – WWI.


From Books Editor Natalie Bennett:

It is hard sometimes to get an overview of the book market. What are authors writing? What are publishers publishing? What are readers buying? Tiffany Leigh provides an excellent overview of one sector of the market, young adult, which has, she says, changed beyond all recognition. She concludes: "All great YA fiction has one truism in common: it respects the readership, and treats its readers like adults." And it is a lot
more than Harry Potter.

My second choice is an excellent, traditional-style review. Bonnie returns to a darker time, that of the black death, with The Great Mortality. It was a review that certainly made me want to read the book.

From Editor Gordon Hauptfleisch: 

Literary allusions are my Achilles' heel, but I know enough about my lazy Muses to know they usually need a jump start to get those valuable impulses primed and intuition flowing. In It's Time To Kill The Myth Of The Muse, Mark Schannon, as much as he perfectly articulates that mysterious "deep trust in my unconscious to lead me into surprising and wondrous realms that are as much as surprise to me as the reader," also gives equal weight to the conscious mind and its role in making sure "the paths taken by my unconscious aren't self-indulgent but actually drive the work."


From Editor Joan Hunt:

Making the Rounds at General Hospital by Connie Phillips. Once again, Connie fills in all the gaps for this sporadic soap watcher. Not only does she hit the high points, she captures the subtle nuances that have made General Hospital my favorite soap of all time.

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana by CallmeMaddy. Maddy is proving to be one of my favorite reads on Blogcritics. I don't get to watch much of Disney's teen fare, but I can always count on Maddy for keeping me up to date and for letting me know how Disney's doing with their lineup.


No picks this week as the Culture Editor enjoys a vacation!


From Politics Editor Dave Nalle:

I Feel Sorry for Hitler – Too Bad He Wasn't Waging World War Two Today by Mark Schannon. Irreverant, but insightful, and it hasn't received the comments or recognition it deserves.

I'm Confused About – Attitudes Towards Bush by Mark Schannon. Expresses well what I think a lot of people are feeling and has generated some interesting and intelligent discussion.

From Asst. Politics Editor Mark Schannon:

Bush Arrogantly Halves IRS Auditors For Wealthiest Few After Congress Says "No" To His Cuts by Jet In Columbus details another example of how the president is bypassing the will of the congress.

Lebanese Tradition Vs. Hezbollah Radicalization On The Arab Riviera by Dave Nalle is a heart-breaking account of of the real victims of this latest insanity in the Middle East.


From Sports Editor Matthew T. Sussman: 

Zach Baker's satire on the Indians' memo announcing their liquidation sale may have seemed a bit silly at the time, but the next day, one of his subjects – Ronnie Belliard – was traded to the Cardinals for a lackluster utility player. Looks like someone got the memo.

Fantasy league commissioner Sean Aqui reported on a rather startling move by Major League Baseball, which could damage fantasy leagues everywhere. Stand up for our fun, Sean.

Sal Marinello somehow draws parallels between Floyd Landis and Randy Quaid and makes it work, as embattled Tour de France winner Floyd Landis is our modern day Ishmael Boorg.


From Gaming Editor Ken Edwards:

Online Gaming Review: Mystery at Mansfield Manor by Andrew Ogier. Not only did Andy review the game, but he interviewed Rory Scherer, Lindsey Frazier, and Tim Beresford – three key figures in the production of the game.

PS2 Review: Super Dragon Ball Z by Aaron Auzins. Enlisting the help of Street Fighter Alpha co-producer Noritaka Funamizu helped, but not a lot.


From Sci/Tech Editor Lisa McKay: 

Sal Marinello talks about Justin Gatlin's failed drug test, the 100-meter dash, and why he thinks we've reached our genetic potential for speed.

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