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The music writers were clearly inspired this week; there's also some books, some politics, and a little bit of everything in between...

Blogcritics Editors’ Picks: February 22 through February 28

Here’s this week’s cream of the crop. Congratulations to the chosen ones. Read and enjoy!


Music Editor Connie Phillips chose:

CD Review: Hank Williams III – Straight To Hell by John Owen
In this article John Owen takes a look at the CD within the framework of the entire Hank Williams legacy, not only for this artist, Hank Williams III, but the shadow of his grandfather and father that the artist has to live with. He gives it all from the hip, the good, the bad, and the ugly and all the other country colloquialisms that he says are rampant on the CD.

Sex Pistols Snarl at Rock Hall Induction by Eric Olsen
A superb look at the “angriest rock band” ever and their diss to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. An outstanding blend of news and commentary by Eric Olsen.

Take Cover, My iPod’s on Shuffle! by Dave Nalle
Dave Nalle not only gives a glimpse of what is stored on his own iPod, but goes further, giving us a reflective look at the first ten songs to come up when the contraption is set to shuffle. Without censoring himself, he freely admits to his “guilty pleasure” music and sparked an equally interesting conversation among the commenters discussing the contents of their iPods.

CD Review: The Post Office Gals – Esbeohdes by Yohan Brohamsky
In this review, Yohan Brohamsky starts off by telling us why, in his opinion, this band will probably never get the recognition it deserves. The article then goes on to explain exactly why it is deserved in unique and outstanding voice and reason.

CD Review: Bombay Dub Orchestra by gypsyman
Another exceptional review by gypsyman, in this article he looks at not only this CD, but world music as a whole, and offers his thoughtful and well expressed opinions on why this one just doesn’t quite make the mark. There is also a suggestion as to where to turn for music that does.

Comfort Food and Rare Groove by Koranteng
I absolutely loved the creativity involved in putting this article together. The complete menu of comfort foods, all of which are song titles, incredibly good song titles at that, makes for an enjoyable read.

BC Radio Editor DJRadiohead chose:

CD Review: Jenny Lewis And The Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat by Duke De Mondo
The Duke goes beyond just praising or panning an album. He gives the listener a description of sounds and emotions as well as detailing the listening experience.

The Seeger Sessions? Say it Ain’t So Bruce by Glen Boyd
Bruce Springsteen’s moves are always studied, leaked, and subject to change. Glen discusses the latest rumors and what it might mean for Springsteen fans.

The List of the Moment, Volume Five by Sadi Ranson-Polizzoti
This weekly column is always a good read and features an eclectic mix of songs.

SciTech Editor Lisa McKay chose:

CD Review: Unjustly Overlooked Albums Blood and Chocolate – Elvis Costello and the Attractions by Gordon Hauptfleisch
Okay, I admit it. I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with Elvis Costello. My prejudices notwithstanding, this is one fine assessment of a particularly fine album, written by someone who clearly understands the man and the music.


Books Editor Natalie Bennett chose:

Octavia Butler, Champion Science Fiction Writer and Certified Genius, Dies at 58 by Steven Hart
The writer beautifully blends a short account of the author’s work, with an expression of his personal appreciation, and a taster of her work for those who have missed it up until now.

On Writing and Self-Publishing: Part 4 by John Spivey
There’s an anecdote in this post with which I think many writers can sympathise. A head of a book distribution company is asked if he has read a letter. The answer is: “You know I don’t read things.” This post explores some of the problems of the publishing industry, and its obsession with easy categorisation. Yet it is also a deeply personal expression of frustration.


TV Editor Joan Hunt chose:

TV Review: The Apprentice Kicks Off With Trump 101 Right Back In Session by Eric Berlin
He thought he was a little rusty, but EB’s proven otherwise as he tackles bad wigs, big bucks, and the Big Guy in the boardroom.

TV: Review: Project Jay by Don Baiocchi
I would read anything by Don. If he wants to try to rewrite the phone book, I’m so there! Don’t read unless you’re alone, otherwise you’ll get stares as you giggle to yourself.

Executive Producer Eric Berlin chose:

Movie Review: Sour Grapes by Aaron Fleming
Aaron Fleming is one of the truly unique and wonderful voices to grace the electronic pages of Blogcritics. His flair, wit, and at times acerbic savvy are on full display here, delving into the genius dark corners of Larry David’s genius dark mind.


Culture Editor diana hartman chose:

Living & Learning Democracy: What About the Children? by Lori Mortimer
Lori casts a noteworthy light in the shadows between how Americans hope others conduct themselves and how Americans conduct themselves.

Executive Producer Eric Berlin chose:

New York Story: Real Estate Mania by Elvira Black
I thoroughly enjoyed this insider’s foray into the New York worldview (is there any other?), gentrification, real estate, and the ever-shifting sands of time that change all things. Even and perhaps especially New York City.


Politics Editor Dave Nalle chose:

Iraq, It Didn’t Work by RJ Elliott
A riveting first-hand account of one conservative’s change of mind on the Iraq situation in the context of recent events.

As Maryland Radically Liberalizes Voting Laws, Media Remains Silent by David Flanagan
A great look at an important change in local politics in one of the most interesting states for local politics in the United States.

Asst. Politics Editor Mark Schannon chose:

Questions About UAE DP World Port Deal by Kathy Gill
Very thorough, complex analysis of the deal, raising important questions about unmentioned ports, the timing of various critical issues, and connections between the administration and the company.

Letter to George Bush: Wiretaps and Public Gullibility by gypsyman
Raises questions, some of which have been asked before, but the sheer mass of unanswered questions are powerful and the tone is reasonably balanced.

Misconceptions About the Ports Deal by Dave Nalle
Excellent point-by-point analysis of the major issues that people have raised. It’s all the more interesting when compared to Kathy Gill’s posts. Good to have both sides. In fact, Dave and Kathy should do a debate post!


Sports Editor Matthew T. Sussman chose:

Winter Olympics TV Coverage: A Contrived Dialogue by Cameron Archer
Cameron Archer has never been tougher on Cameron Archer as he interviews Cameron Archer on the Winter Olympics coverage of CBC versus that on NBC. I’ll be honest, this shtick seemed a bit dumb and clichéd at first, but as the story went on it gelled nicely. The chemistry between Cameron and Cameron was sublime, and his summation of CBC’s commercials and NBC’s affiliates should give Americans a good overview of how the Olympics were portrayed in a country that doesn’t exactly dominate the Summer Olympics. Also, when Cameron writes in bold, he can be a real dick.


Gaming Editor Ken Edwards chose:

Is the World Ready for Major League Gaming? by Number One
We already have the World Series of Poker, why not the World Series of Gaming? Only I don’t really want to sit and watch a frag-fest on ESPN. Regardless of what you may think, gaming is growing.

Xbox Review: 25 to Life by Matt Paprocki
25 to Life isn’t just stupid. It’s a combination of stupid and dumb, creating a new term for itself: stumb. This game is so bad, but this review is too good to pass up.

Nintendo DS Review: The Rub Rabbits! by Sean Dwyer
Warning: Continuous stroking, blowing and poking could lead to unwanted attention in public places. Yes this is The Rub Rabbits! we are talking about here. Did I mention that the Japanese title translates to “Where do Babies Come From?”


Sci/Tech Editor Lisa McKay chose:

A Tragic Case of Technoamnesia by Diane Kristine
A shout-out to the technically challenged. Diane entertains us while telling us that you don’t exactly have to belong to the Geek Squad to set up a personal video recorder.

Disruptions In The Fourth Estate by Daniel M. Harrison
Relative newcomer Harrison hit the ground running this week. Among his contributions, this interesting speculation about the future of journalism and the role of the Internet. Bloggers feature heavily, of course.[ADBLOCKHERE]

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