Monday , October 25 2021

Blog the Vote

As I mentioned here, the actual logistics of voting are just as important as intent and rationale: if you don’t know how to vote or where to vote, your voice won’t be heard. That’s why a site like is such a helpful tool.

But with legal challenges, varying eligibility requirements, early and absentee voting, etc., it’s more complicated than that, and the creator of is trying to address those matters as well:

    In running the polling site, I’ve been getting a lot of people upset with their local county polling site, and looking to complain to someone. I cannot do much to help specifically, but we decided to create a blog where we list news stories of election problems. We have cataloged over 200 articles in 36 states, and it’s growing by the hour. The content is organized by state so a user can click on their state and read about any problems in their region.

And the site does just that, keeping track of breaking legal, logistical, and practical issues relating to the vote, and giving the frustrated a place to bitch.

In related matters, and Bob Weir are urging you to get out there and do it:

“I just want to say to all Americans that if you cherish democracy, you really need to vote in this election. The only way we can make the world a better place is to be a part of this process. There has never, in my lifetime, been a more important election. Please show up and vote.”
– Bobby Weir

But equally important, be armed with more than good intentions:

Be prepaired on Election Day
1) Make sure you go to the right polling place.
2) Bring a picture ID with your name and current address.
3) If your Picture ID doesn’t have your current address, bring official mail (utility bill, cable bill, rent agreement, etc). To be safe, bring as many forms of ID as possible.
4) Always bring a voter registration card if you have one.
5) Remember, no one can be turned away at the polls. If your name is not listed, cast a provisional ballot.

If you have a problem on election day contact The Election Protection HOTLINE at 1-866-OUR VOTE.

Excellent advice, thanks.

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