Friday , May 20 2022

Bleeding For the Cause

STUN singer stage dives in the wrong direction:

    Christiane J, lead vocalist for Geffen’s ultra-hot new band S.T.U.N., is already noted as somewhat of a mad man while onstage, but last night was the first time he suffered injuries severe enough to take him to the emergency room.

    On tour promoting S.T.U.N.’s upcoming debut CD “Evolution of Energy,” due out June 24, the band was near the end of their set at the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas when Christiane dove into drummer Bobby Alt¹s drum kit, and started treating the kick drum like a trampoline. On the way down, he lost his footing and had an unmitigated close encounter with the tuning pegs of bassist Nick S. bass guitar.

    “I didn’t know what was going on,” remembered Christiane. “I just got up and went straight into the last song of the set.”

    Once offstage, Christiane realized that he had blood running down his face and all over his shirt, and was immediately rushed to Baylor University Medical Center¹s Emergency Room where ten stitches closed up the gash that went from his left eyebrow across his forehead.

The band plays the Shim Sham Club in New orleans tonight, check out their site for the rest of the tour with Dredg, and they will also be on Van’s Warped Tour this summer.

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