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Black Eye, Browne Tear

Jackson Browne doesn’t like the way he was portrayed in the TBS JFK Jr. biopic. According to Reuters:

    Browne’s attorney, Lawrence Iser, said that he demanded in a letter to TBS that it “cease and desist” airing the program again “until false and defamatory scenes accusing Mr. Browne of assaulting actress Daryl Hannah are removed.”

    “Mr. Browne has never assaulted Daryl Hannah. Ms. Hannah never filed a police report claiming such an assault and Mr. Browne was never arrested for or charged with such an assault,” a spokesman for the singer said. Hannah was a former girlfriend of both Browne and Kennedy.

    The film shows Kennedy comforting Hannah after she was allegedly hit by Browne.

I assume the incident in question is from 1992 – check out this Washington Post story from the time:

    Not Russell Turiak, though. That was his exclusive shot of Daryl Hannah and her shiner, allegedly inflicted by rocker Jackson Browne, that you saw on the cover of the National Enquirer last month, a major coup. When Turiak calls himself “a modern-day bounty hunter” or “a hit man with a camera,” it is a statement of pride.

    ….Take the Daryl Hannah shot on the Enquirer cover. Together with another that shows her with John Kennedy Jr. in a TriBeCa restaurant, it has earned Turiak (who’s an indie and keeps it all) more than $30,000 from publications in a dozen countries. The appeal was not just the intrinsic drama of a black-eyed beauty but the always potent Kennedy connection.

    How’d he get that picture? When the Enquirer hired Turiak to stalk the star, he learned her address from another paparazzo who’d once followed her home. Then, leaving his cameras in his car, he spent 10 hours hanging around her apartment building on the Upper West Side on a Wednesday and another 12 on Thursday, before Hannah and another woman finally emerged at 9:30 p.m. on Friday. “She looked like a chimney sweep in this long coat and Air Jordans,” he says. “She had a hat on and she kept pulling the brim down.”

But he eventually got the shot, of course. The film’s producers have no doubt about who gave her the black eye:

    TBS said in a statement that “Superstation Inc. acknowledges receipt of a letter on Jackson Browne’s behalf. FOX Television Studios Inc., the producer of the movie, assures us that it stands by the accuracy of the movie.”

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