Wednesday , July 24 2024

Billie Joe Spouts Off Again

Further proof that most musicians are idiots when it comes to politics and world affairs. We’ve been through this before, but it’s much worse when the babbling is going on outside of the music.

First, allow me to say I love Green Day and think they are just getting better. The blistering International Superhits collection hammers home how consistent they have been, and the latest studio recording, Warning, is their finest to date. Also, their performance of Ramones tunes at the last Rock Hall induction ceremony was a ripping, eye-opening success.

But now singer/guitarist/songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong, not content with being absolutely, 101% butt-slapping wrong about the US invasion of Afghanistan a year ago, is now agitating against war with Iraq – keep the string alive Bill!

In an audio message on the band’s website, Armstrong says:

    “For those of you who are opposed to the war in Iraq, I want to set up a petition on to send to George W. Bush strongly urging him to rethink his plans for a military invasion. This petition isn’t only for people who live in America but people all over the world. So, even if you know someone at work or at school who doesn’t even know what Green Day is, tell them to log on to, type in their name, and where they’re from. I want to get as many names as possible.”

Why Bill?

“Cause war is bad for children and other living things and stuff.”

Well, won’t the people of Iraq be much better off after Saddam is removed from power, much like life improved in Afghanistan after the removal of the Taliban?

“Well maybe, but war is always bad and we shouldn’t try to impose our will on other nations.”

So Saddam should be allowed to continue to kill his own people, continue to develop weapons of mass destruction toward the goal of expanding his own fascist regime throughout the Middle East?

“Uhh, just sign my petition.” [I made all of this up except the facts]

Besides being wrong and offering no rationale for his stance against an Iraq war, Armstrong also has totally missed the reality (ah yes, reality: that’s what’s missing from dilettante rock star policy babble) of the efficacy of email petitions: organizations, including the government have learned to discount mass email petitions. They’re just too easy and don’t mean much. “I want to get as many names as possible” just doesn’t have much impact anymore.

After we assist Saddam from office and there is dancing in the streets a la Afghanistan, what cause will Billie Joe champion to continue his litany of error?

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