Tuesday , January 18 2022

Bill 1034 Passes Cal Senate

We have been following the yeoman work of the noble California State Senator Kevin Murray to rein in the most egregious indiscretions of the record industry.

Now, his Bill 1034 requiring labels to account accurately for artist royalties has passed the Senate:

    The Bill 1034 passed by a 22-15 vote. This is the Bill that would potentially make actionable for record companies to inaccurately account royalties owed to their artists.

    For those who meant to help out with this, but didn’t get to it in time, or for those who want to help push this puppy through to completion, there’s more good news/bad news on the horizon.

    Now that the Bill has passed the California Senate it must pass the State Assembly. (Democracy Ugh!)

    This will require some persuasion as well. 22-15 is not a significant majority and there are some key obstacles.

    The next stop for the Bill is the Assembly Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media and well as the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Ms. Rebecca Cohn is the chair of the Arts Committee and she in not bullish on this Bill. For reasons why, see the excuses the RIAA is feeding her. (I’ve summarized them below.) Therefore, we need to have seeded the other members to the right way of thinking BEFORE that next Assembly meeting. [MusicDish]

Follow the link to example letters to send to the State Assembly to demand they follow through and make the bill law.

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