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A Hot Designer, the Bikini Image Awards, and Dorismar Deported.

Bikini News Busting Out

Maybe it reflects a collective frosty cry from the bowels of the zeitgeist for winter to be on its way sooner rather than later, or something as prosaic as the marketing cycle, but whatever the impetus, the bikini gods are stirring here in mid-January.

Designer Award

Beach Bunny Swimwear Hispanic television personality, and former Playmate has been missing from her adoptive home of Miami since January 5 – why? She was deported.

Immigration attorney Michael Feldenkrais, a partner with the Miami law firm of Adorno & Yoss, is filing for a waiver to request the United States Government to pardon and return the young woman to the United States.

“Dorismar is safely in Buenos Aires anxiously awaiting her return to Miami,” said Mr. Feldenkrais. “She deeply misses Miami, her friends and colleagues, and is saddened by the events of the last few days. She is, however, optimistic that the situation will be resolved in a timely manner and appreciates all of the support she has received so far from her beloved fans.”

Born Dora Noemi Kerchen, Dorismar, 26, has been living in the U.S. since December 31, 2000. According to Feldenkrais, Dorismar entered the U.S. as part of a Visa Waiver Pilot Program from Argentina which allows for a three month maximum length of stay. Due to Dorismar’s “high standing in the community,” Feldenkrais is petitioning for an “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” waiver, which would allow Dorismar to seek permanent residence status.

And what has she done with that extraordinary ability? Here’s the blurb from her latest DVD, Dorismar’s Private Party: “Ever wonder what girls do when they think no one is watching? Here is your chance to find out. Latinas Gone Crazy presents Dorismar’s Private Party. Experience Latin TV’s most seductive supermodel, Dorismar, as she plays with her girlfriends at her private party which many have talked about but few have seen.”

You an pick up her ’06 calendar at the same time: “See the beautiful Dorismar on the beach and underwater. You have never seen her this wet before.”

And yet there is another side to Dorismar. Last year she teamed with conservationists for an ad campaign aimed at stopping a Mexican tradition: swallowing raw sea turtle eggs as a sexual aid. “My man doesn’t need to eat turtle eggs,” says one magazine ad, as Dorismar unbuttons her shirt. Behind her, two baby sea turtles scoot along a beach. Okay, it’s the same side, but that side is being put to a very good cause.

Feldenkrais hopes, “because Dorismar is such a public figure,” that the waiver will be granted. The Univision website is up in arms over her deportation, and an email and letter writing campaign of support is well underway. She is also supported by a coalition of South Florida trucking companies.

Dorismar’s empty bikini sits in Miami awaiting her return.

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