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Berklee From Home

For a fraction of the cost and inconvenience of actually attending the legendary Berklee College of Music in Boston, you can take exciting courses in music production, writing, business and theory online:


    “David [Franz] was able to make an online music class come alive and teach a topic that I did not think was possible via online classes. I’m impressed and will highly recommend the classes.” -F. Courage

    Pro Tools 101
    Berkleemusic and Digidesign have teamed up to bring you this preparatory Pro Tools course. Once available only at certified Digidesign training centers, Digidesign’s official Pro Tools 101 is now online to get you on the road to becoming a certified Pro Tools operator.
    Tuition: $1095.00 Sale $995.00, Duration: 10 Weeks

    Desktop Music Production by Michael Bierylo and David Mash
    Master the tools and techniques for producing great-sounding music at home … and create high quality recordings ready for CD or MP3!
    Tuition: $795.00, Duration: 12 weeks

    Producing with Pro Tools Suite by David Franz
    Become a ProTools expert in our three-course suite that will give you everything you need to create great-sounding home recordings with Digidesign’s ProTools software, the new standard for digital music production. The ProTools suite includes three of our popular four-week courses, “ProTools Basics: Set Up & Recording”, “Pro Tools Digital Audio Editing,” and “Pro Tools MIDI Recording and Editing.”
    Tuition: $795.00, Duration: 12 weeks

    Pro Tools Basics: Setup & Recording by David Franz
    Get the expertise you need to begin producing high-quality music on your home computer.
    Tuition: $395.00, Duration: 4 weeks

    Pro Tools Digital Audio Editing by David Franz
    Get valuable, hands-on experience with a range of digital editing tools and techniques.
    Tuition: $395.00, Duration: 4 weeks

    Pro Tools MIDI Recording and Editing by David Franz
    Maximize your MIDI capabilities with the power of ProTools
    Tuition: $395.00, Duration: 4 weeks

    MIDI Sequencing Basics by Michael Moss
    Learn how to create natural-sounding MIDI arrangements using Reason software (Reason provided free-of-charge for the duration of the class).
    Tuition: $295.00, Duration: 3 weeks


    “I love the lyric writing course. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve done online. I feel I’m improving each day. -J. Haile

    Lyric Writing by Pat Pattison
    Generate more and better ideas. Express them in compelling and original ways.
    Tuition: $795.00, Duration: 12 weeks

    Songwriting Workshop by Jimmy Kachulis
    Move your listeners and express yourself more effectively by crafting your songs the way hit writers do.
    Tuition: $495.00, Duration: 6 weeks

    Finale Basics: Essential Techniques by Jonathan Feist
    Create great-looking music quickly and easily with powerful Finale music notation software.
    Tuition: $495.00, Duration: 6 weeks

    Finale: Strategies for Speed and Style by Jonathan Feist
    Harness the full power of Finale with techniques to maximize speed, control and accuracy.
    Tuition: $495.00, Duration: 6 weeks


    “I love the exercises and hands-on practice in this course, especially the virtual keyboard. I’m finally getting things I haven’t before–and it’s fun! The instructor has given me great feedback, and I always feel like he really wants me to learn the material.” – C. Johnson

    Music Theory 101 by Paul Schmeling
    Get the musical foundation you need to take your skills to a higher level. Learn to read, write, really listen … and put theory into practice every day!
    Tuition: $795.00, Duration: 12 weeks

    Music Business

    “It’s the best music college there is and their instructors are 2nd to none. As a resource you know that you’re getting the best advice from professionals who are out there doing it.” -R. Foosaner

    Marketing Yourself in the Music Industry by Peter Spellman
    Take charge of your career. Develop strategies for success. Learn how to promote yourself and the skills that make you unique.
    Tuition: $495.00, Duration: 6 weeks

    Accelerate Your Music Career by Keith Hatschek
    Choose the career you really want. Learn what it takes to make it happen.
    Tuition: $495.00, Duration: 6 weeks

    Promotion 101: Creating a Promo Kit that Works by Susan Gedutis
    Tell your story in a way that increases gigs, airplay and media coverage.
    Tuition: $295.00, Duration: 3 weeks

Here are some FAQs about the program:

    Is online learning for me?
    We know it’s impolite to answer a question with more questions, but here goes.

    Are you a motivated student with good writing skills?
    Do you have a computer and good basic skills with a word processing program, internet connection, and browser?
    Do you work well independently?
    Are you motivated to complete assignments and meet deadlines?
    During an average day, can you find one or two hours to engage in dialogue, discussion, reading, research, or thinking?
    As an experienced professional, do you want to learn more, and would you enjoy collaborating with other classmates?
    If you answered yes to most of these, you’re ready for the Berkleemusic online learning environment.

    How much time will it take me to keep up with coursework?
    Participating in discussions and completing assignments will probably require 2-3 hours per week; generally, you should anticipate at least two hours of offline work for every hour of online instruction and participation. While you get to choose the hours (and the location), you’ll probably want to log on to your course site many times during the week to retrieve lessons and assignments, participate in discussions or chat, or upload homework.

    Will there be support available?
    Yes, you can contact us at [email protected] anytime, or call 617-747-2146 during office hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., US Eastern Standard Time. We will do our best to provide a response to your question or inquiry within one business day.

    What do you mean by “anytime, anywhere” education?
    It means you do not have to be at a specific location at a specific time to do your work. Online learning can take place anytime of day or night, anywhere you happen to be. While our courses are rigorous and require you to keep up with your classmates, you get to choose where and when. That’s one of the great advantages of Web-based education. You can incorporate learning into your schedule without compromising your other professional and family commitments.

I am thinking seriously about taking one of the Pro Tools courses.

There is also a forum for the discussion of the future of music and the biz, kind of like Blogcritics, except, you know, not as cool.

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