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Steve Irwin, East Coast Gaming Expo, Poison, and The Duke.

BCRadio Podcast – September 4, 2006

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A day late but certainly not a dollar short.  It is the Labor Day holiday edition of the BCRadio Podcast.

Eric Olsen discusses the on-stage fracas at Poison's recent show in Atlanta.  Ken "Gameboy" Edwards gives us the lowdown on a new XBox 360 game as well as news from the East Coast Gaming Expo.   A.L. Harper brings us a new Band of the Week.  Joan Hunt joins us, not to discuss the blues, but to sing them over the passing of Steve Irwin.  The Duke De Mondo returns to the show with a preview of the novel he is writing (be sure to check out his award-winning short film).

A brief warning… the language and topic meter goes a little further towards the grown-up this week.  I'm just saying… 


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