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Baseball, gaming, and blues -- how much more American can you get right before the 4th of July?

BCRadio Podcast – July 3, 2006

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It's freedom, baby!  It's a holiday edition of the BCRadio Podcast.   There is only one way to get your holiday started right — with a little BCRadio.

This week's episode is, sadly, sans the Olsen twins, but we look forward to bringing them to you next week.

Instead of two Olsens, we have two Marks:  Sahm and Saleski — not together.  The show leads off with Matt Sussman talking baseball and Ken Edwards talking surround sound.  Then we have a special double edition of BC on the Blues.  Joan Hunt leads us off and Saleski actually pans something!  Somewhere in between, we roll out a premium remix from Magic Junk.

Happy 4th of July, boys and girls. 

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