Thursday , April 15 2021
Wrapping up the Super Bowl, Jim Plunkett, Wii, GlossLip, BC of the Month, and The Listening Room on this week's BCRadio Podcast.

BCRadio Podcast, February 5, 2007: Super Bowls, anti-Christs, BC of the Month, and GlossLip

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A short show this week, but a good one.  Topics this week range from 24 to the recently-played Super Bowl as well as some topics of a more insular nature.

We congratulate our new BC of the Month, Tom Johnson.  That segues us nicely into the introduction of a new feature in the BC Magazine music section, The Listening Room.  I am particularly proud of this series as it was, well, my idea.  I think we're going to have some fun with it.

Before bringing in our guest, I also take some time to fawn all over the great work Dawn Olsen is doing over at Glosslip.  If you haven't been to this newest addition to the emerging BC Network, you are cheating yourself of comedic and literary gold.  Deny yourself no further.  Get thee to Glosslip.

Our guest this week is Ken Edwards.  Ken and I make fun of Sussman's curling fetish and talk about this new Nintendo Wii game, WarioWare.

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