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Viva Las Vegas BCRadio Podcast style!

BCRadio – August 14, 2006

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Shorter show this week with only two guests.  This past week was the first semi-official Blogcritics convention in Las Vegas.  We talk to one person who was there and one who, like me, was not.

Blogcritics Sports Editor Matt Sussman was left in charge of the "Ohio Mafia" and was not in Las Vegas.  He and I talk about Maurice Clarett, the baseball pennant races, and even work in some preseason NFL.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… unless we're talking about Joe Bonamassa.  Joan Hunt joins us to tell us all about the Joe Show she and several other members of the BC community got to see.

Oh, and there is more Guster in the bumper music.  Let's see if you can spot it!  Love the Guster!

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