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No more curling...

BCRadio – April 17, 2006

BCRadio: The big show featuring EO, EB, Suss, Sir Mary, Saleski, and Ken Edwards.

Segment 1: Eric Olsen – Rediscovering the humanity.

Segment 2: Matt Sussman – Curling

Segment 3: Ken Edwards – GP2X

Segment 4: Mary Williams – Sir Mary got published!

Segment 5: Mark Saleski – So did Saleski!

Segment 6: Eric Berlin – Talking The Sopranos.

Reading Material:

  • Saleski on Guster

    • One Man Wrecking Machine
    • Keep it Together
    • Guster On Ice
  • Ken Edwards talks more GP2X in his full review
  • From the mind of DJRadiohead: Confessions of a Fanboy – Otis Rush

    Bonus Downloads

    • Sussman – Extended: This might be the longest segment in the short history of BCRadio.
    • Sir Mary – Extended: Sir Mary and I got to talk about her trip to go see Joe Satriani as well as her published status.
    • Saleski – Extended: Saleski humiliates himself. Must-hear radio.

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