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BC TV Goodie Bag – Getting Ready for Psych

We here at Blogcritics Magazine love our television (okay, me more than some of the other editors, but we all love it). And I think people out there in the world know that we love it. Consequently, they send us clips. They send us bits, pieces, odds, ends, and all manner of TV promo stuff. They give it to us and they say something along the lines of, “Well, golly gee, we think your readers would really like to see what we have coming up, especially as it is so swell.” We sift through the material, watching it until our eyeballs bleed, and then choose the best bits just for you. Plus, we make it all very easy for you to actually watch them. Pretty much you just hit the play button on the embedded viewer(s) and the goodness appears.
So, without further ado, check out the latest and greatest clips we got in here at the BC TV Goodie Bag…
Here’s the deal, to put it simply, I love Psych and the new season starts on Friday July 18, so this week the BC TV Goodie Bag is exclusively filled with footage from and promoing Psych watch and see why it’s awesome.

Our first clip will introduce you to the two main characters, Shawn and Gus, but sometimes they go by different names:

Now that you know their names, witness the truly excellent promo for this new season:

You want to really see what these guys are about, what they do, this pretty much explains it:

I’d actually love to include a few of their “psych-outs,” these terribly funny songs they do at the end of episodes, but I can’t find any from reputable sources. They have “psych-outs” at the USA website, allegedly, but those seem to be all outtakes and goofs from the show, not the hilarious songs that appear at the end of the episodes. I wasn’t going to include one of those, but after watching some of them again, I just have to give a link to one.

Let me again, remind you that Psych‘s new season starts on July 18 on USA.

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