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Eric Olsen, Matt Sussman, and Mark Saleski discuss the major league baseball playoffs, the harvest moon, and more...

BC Radio Podcast – Oct. 9, 2006

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Fun times this week.  I take some time to brag on my new 'baby' in the show's intro.  I also talk a little bit more about the great interview with Dawn Olsen in this month's BC of the Month article.

On the show this week:  Eric Olsen stops by to talk a little harvest moon — and I don't mean Neil Young! 

Matt Sussman witnessed one of the most glorious sights of this baseball season and certainly of this baseball postseason.  Suss and I yack about the playoffs as well as examining the play of some rookie QBs who made their debut this past weekend.

Mark Saleski wanted to talk about some of the odd ways we have learned about new bands.  Wouldn't you know it, we wound up talking about podcasts.   

Our iTunes feed works again.  Our non-iTunes feed has also been updated.  You can once again subscribe to the BCRadio Podcast through iTunes or any other RSS aggregator of your choice.

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