Sunday , October 21 2018
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Time for a change.

B5 Choose New Name

The members of B5 have announced that they are changing their name.

They issued this statement:
“We, B5, have decided to change our name for two reasons:
1) One of us has left to try to get a job working in science fiction, perhaps for the Babylon Five show some confuse our name with. With him gone, our new name would have to be B4 and that just sounds odd. B4 = Before? Before what?

2) After the bruhaha at our mall show we decided to try a different audience so we played a church bingo event.
Boy, were we embarrassed when they called out B5 as a bingo answer and we thought it was our cue to perform.
We realized our name was a bingo answer and that is just wrong.

So we are asking our fans – including those of you devoted worshippers of us at Blogcritics – to help us choose our new names.”

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